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Rothkopf Enterprise- How Miami’s Digital Mogul Helps Brands Grow Their Digital Footprint

Rothkopf Enterprise helps companies of all sizes scale their business and actualize their unique brand identity. When it comes to web development and other web-based marketing services, Rothkopf Enterprise creates slogans aligned with their slogan: “You dream it, we make it!”

Established in early 2016, Rothkopf Enterprise has already impacted hundreds of lives. Their wide range of design and development services benefit all brands, from small businesses just starting to get off the ground to well-established organizations looking to elevate their mission. Rothkopf Enterprise’s approach to internet marketing goes beyond design; they provide solutions rooted in purpose. With their help, companies take significant strides that bring them closer to more revenue, customers, and increased profit margins.

The Rothkopf Enterprise team utilizes the latest technologies to make the business process easier for their clients. The company creates strategies that help their clients build their brands, achieve a more substantial global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with their customers. For clients who already have a well-defined image, Rothkopf Enterprise designs websites consistent with their brand. For those who are not quite there yet, or for brands who need to switch things up for various reasons, the company can help create an entirely new corporate identity.

Rothkopf Enterprise specializes in web design, web development, Android and iOS apps, SEO market plans, social media marketing, and many others. Through the years, the company has also become a leading figure in creating exit strategies for those who want to sell their companies. Rothkopf Enterprise enjoys a proven track record of transforming any brand’s online presence. Those who have collaborated with the company for their creative needs have benefited from the consistent quality of its services and the convenience of coordinating projects with a single vendor. In providing professional web-based services, the company maintains constant communication with its clients and keeps firm deadlines.  

The all-in-one digital platform is the brainchild of entrepreneur Charlie Rothkopf. Charlie is also the founder and CEO of Rothkopf Capital and Rothkopf Hospitality. He recognized his passion for technology and real estate at a young age. Early in his career, the entrepreneur learned how vital branding is to any business. Today, he prioritizes building relationships and leads Rothkopf Enterprise with a customer service mindset. The teams that he leads are known for their professional work ethic. Charlie Rothkopf’s various business ventures reflect his proficiency in sales, superior work ethic, and creativity.

As the world continues to shift into the digital medium, more and more businesses realize the value of connecting with a leading digital marketing agency. Rothkopf Enterprise stands ready to help brands grow their digital footprint by providing the most technologically advanced tools for web development, hosting, e-commerce, security, content management, and SEO marketing. Their expertise will continue to disrupt the web development industry for years to come. Founder Charlie Rothkopf envisions growing the company into a 7-figure agency in the next few years, all the while collaborating with clients of every caliber.

Visit their website to learn more about Rothkopf Enterprise.

How Cass Cardelle’s Passion Keeps Her Moving Forward in the Entertainment Industry

People in the entertainment industry often begin as individuals who share a passion for performance, whether it was the influence of movies, television programs, or even theater—the desire to step up and perform left a significant impact on them.

Cass Cardelle is among those who were blown away by the art of acting. Born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Cass showed her passion from an early age. She began with dance in the form of ballet, studying at the Boston Ballet School for twelve years. While dazzling the audience on the dancefloor, her passion for creativity extended with her talent for singing. 

The applause and the cheers encouraged her to nourish her talents, so she left Boston for Los Angeles, intent on making it in the entertainment industry. Cass had a game plan: pursue acting while making music on the side.

While that may sound simple, the opportunities took some time to come by. Like every big name celebrity once experienced early in their career, she continually auditioned for roles and found herself facing some rejection. This was not easy to take in, but Cass already knew the entertainment industry would be difficult to break into. 

Over time, she was able to nail down gigs. Cass was able to experience being on a dating show on CMT, where she was flown to Alabama to look for love. As for her music career, she was granted the opportunity to fly to Japan to perform. Cass also received offers to work with brands through social media, as well as taking part in print modeling for websites and small campaign ads.

Things had been going well for Cass until she found her career on a halt two years ago. She found herself with a severe injury that saw her fracture eight bones. This put her on the recovery road for about five months and still becomes anxious about it. During this, she was unable to continue other hobbies like working in retail, personal shopping, attending castings and photoshoots, or making music. 

However, Cass found a way to continue projecting her creativity and take steps to slowly rebuild her career and write down all her goals.

Since the pandemic forced many cities to go into lockdown, Cass kept herself busy by collaborating with several brands curating content, make sketches and write more original music. During this time, she was able to release a music video for her song ‘Lying’ on YouTube. Cass has also begun to create graphic t-shirts and plans to use a percentage of the sale to donate to charities of her choice. She will also be donating part of the sale to help Lebanon rebuild.Cass Cardelle is active on her social media pages, where you can find updates on her graphic t-shirts and other exclusive content. She has accounts that you may follow on Instagram and Twitter. Cass also has a page on IMDB.

Legacy Entertainment: Poised to Conquer the Music Industry

There is no stopping the emerging entertainment company Legacy Entertainment from conquering the country’s music industry as it combines its founders’ distinct business acumen and individual skills in introducing new talents. From production services to talent management, talent launching, and writing services, the company is a one-stop shop for aspiring and existing artists in the industry who want to create a lasting impact on this generation.

Inspired by the idea of providing an avenue for artists to share their talents on powerful platforms, founders Steven Middleton, Rondell Cobbs (better known as Beatz), and Edwin Camacho thought it best to embrace this new season and combine their unique backgrounds and over 40 years of combined experience. By putting their skills and expertise together, they are establishing an entertainment powerhouse that has the ability to grow the dreams of music artists. 

“Being in the industry for many years, seeing and learning many things both good and bad, shaped the beginning of this idea for all three founding members. We saw a hole we felt we could fill. Treating people the right way for the long term and building the foundation with integrity where everyone involved feels safe and secure is our vision. Doing this allows massive amounts of inspiration to flow between each other along with the work we do. Legacy wants to help connect the best talent in the world to the right opportunities on every level possible, and their hard work speaks for itself, leaving a positive legacy one deal at a time,” shared the Legacy Entertainment founders.  

To officially make their mark in the music industry, the company will be launching a rising and promising music artist, Meaghan Rose, whom the company just recently signed. Her debut single will be launched in October this year while her full album will make an explosive launch in January 2021. The album will be called Rose’ilium. To help the company launch her personal brand, Middleton, Cobbs, and Camacho will be working closely with well-known talent manager Joshua Mitchell. The founders are confident that just as Meaghan Rose has made an instant connection with their musical style and preferences, she will also easily attract music lovers with her upcoming debut single. 

“We want them to know that Legacy is here to help establish upcoming artists, producers, songwriters, engineers, and creatives get to the level in their career that they have always dreamed of,” the founders added. 

Legacy Entertainment is all about creating lasting working relationships with music talents from all over the country. Aside from looking for promising artists to invite to become part of their company, they are also looking at adding reliable and gifted producers and songwriters to come on board. Respected songwriter and producer Allan Edwards will be partnering with the founders all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. 

For the people behind Legacy Entertainment, the future is looking very bright for them, as music personalities are taking notice of their powerful potential. With their determination to become a household name in the music industry, only the best services can be expected to come from their team. Aside from managing talents, the company also aims to someday become a label company and be home to the next generation of superstars. 

Learn more about Legacy Entertainment by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram

Deneise McKesey Improving Credit Scores One Person at a Time

Deneise McKesey was once under the weight of the biggest financial headache that many Americans bear – bad credit score. She went through it herself with her husband, and they almost got buried under, but came out of it strong. And now she wants to help as many people as possible to improve their credit scores and get them back on track. Deneise McKesey did not set out to become a credit repair expert; it was accidental.

She and her husband were working with two credit repair companies to help fix their credit, but after a while, they didn’t see much improvement. Then, through her knowledge of banking, credit, and researching, they took the bull by the horns to make their credit perfect. They applied all the strategies discovered to their finances, and within two years, she and her husband were able to not only get that elusive 800 score, but accumulate over 100 credit cards. Not long after, Deneise found out that many people were in a similar situation of having a bad credit score, including the people closest to her. She took them on and applied her strategies to their credit reports, and things began to turn around for them too.

In a short while, she became a big deal as all her friends and family members that she helped began to send more people her way. She took it as a business, and that gave birth to Pristine Score Credit Repair Services. She made it her goal to set everyone who uses her services to be on the path to financial freedom. Her credit repair strategy involves using the law to remove negative items from her clients’ credit reports and working out ways for them to use their credit to gain more access to funding. “Many people are unaware of the number of inaccuracies reported on their credit report or their rights as consumers to challenge the inaccuracies,” she says. But that’s where her clients find value in her service. 

Pristine Score is all about helping people achieve their life goals by being able to access high amounts of credit. The company also offers a follow-up service that involves education and guidance on how to maintain a perfect credit score. Deneise McKesey is committed to helping people from all backgrounds to fix their credit scores, and she is doing it one person at a time.

Not many credit repair services walk with their clients the whole length of the journey. Pristine Score teaches its clients things about financial literacy that they will never learn anywhere else. And Deneise’s 15-year banking experience and 10-year mortgage experience combined with her bounce-back from a terrible credit score, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

As she takes on each client and helps them achieve their credit goals, Deneise McKesey’s five-year goal projection for Pristine Score is to increase the business’ client-base. She also takes on every category of people from any background as clients. Deneise McKesey also sends out a message of hope to everyone currently battling with bad credit that they can recover from any setback. And with Pristine Score, she’s willing to render all the help she can.

Learn more about the company on the website.