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How Raechelle “Rae” Johnson Solves Business Challenges

Businesses need good leaders to become successful. But how does an entrepreneur become a good leader? There are numerous books on leadership, and there are even seminars on how to be a better leader. But to gain more in-depth knowledge, a different approach is necessary. As a solution architect, Raechelle “Rae” Johnson provides a different perspective to leadership training.

Raechelle “Rae” Johnson is an international leader in training and development. She has a master’s of business administration in management science degree and certification in training. With her credentials and expertise, she provides professionals with strategic and innovative training solutions.

She is a premier trainer by profession. Raechelle “Rae” Johnson has years of experience in adopting any topic, translating its concepts into theory, then into a practical design that can be taught and measured, thus providing her clients with custom-designed training and real-world solutions that encapsulate their business’s unique problem areas. This specificity has enabled Raechelle to help her clients reach their full potential, paving the way to success in professional and personal terms.

Raechelle “Rae” Johnson takes pride in her skills of foresight in strategic consulting. She has cultivated the necessary skills for taking in the big picture and the small details, which allow her to fully understand the necessary strategies to improve her client’s business. Her innovative way of thinking aids in the planning and implementation of solutions, which helps business leaders develop insights into their business. All these things add up and lead to considerable growth for her client’s business.

Knowing how crucial it is for business leaders to be skilled in running their team, she strives to provide tips, tools, and techniques to achieve growth. Raechelle “Rae” Johnson is a dedicated educationalist, and she is an experienced trainer. She and her team at Kreative Ink LLC provide various services for developing leadership and business skills.

Raechelle and the team at Kreative Ink provide strategic consultation, at both the corporate and personal level. The company also offers coaching and various e-learning services that teach entrepreneurs how to influence their industry and maximize productivity.

Raechelle “Rae” Johnson considers strategic consulting and coaching as her craft, and she is very passionate about it. She has achieved success due to her mindset of asking the question, “Why not?” Aside from her passion for her craft, she also values the connection she has with the people she works with. This solution architect has deep compassion for those she partners with. She hopes that with her experience and expertise, she can help her clients identify the key issues affecting their business, whether those are external or internal factors, drawing attention to things that may affect future performance. Together with her clients, she and her team identify growth opportunities, rectify misaligned ideas, and pursue groundbreaking solutions to accelerate growth.

Raechelle “Rae” Johnson is dedicated to creating better systems for organizational accountability, business and personal development, and growth. She approaches business challenges with a unique blend of creative problem-solving, consulting, and coaching. Her main goal is to help her clients reach their full potential.

For more information, visit her website.

Battling Cancer with the Help of Milk Tyson and ‘Fighting All Monsters’

Cancer has continued to prevent thousands of children from living an ordinary life that they could genuinely hope for. True enough, nothing is more unfortunate than being afflicted with a disease that affects the lives of those directly affected by cancer and the family that surrounds the individual. It is in these moments where a family’s support system is needed now more than ever.

Recognizing the importance of fortification in a cancer patient’s journey, Milk Tyson took it upon himself to expand the meaning of support beyond the boundaries of familial bonds. Clothed with a zeal of improving the lives of those who are affected by the disease, Milk formed Fighting All Monsters – a charitable institution where people can express their moral support in the form of physical resources that help those who are suffering to cope with the stresses that come with overcoming cancer.

Fighting All Monsters, otherwise known as FAM, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to aid Cancer patients and their families by reducing the struggles that they face surrounding the disease. Through their unconventional methods, FAM helps its beneficiaries by providing various resources, financially and in other means, that could help these sickly individuals go through treatment and subsequently conquer cancer.

With its immeasurable commitment towards providing a quality support system for children affected with Cancer, FAM has proven worthy of its great image around the world. Apart from its fundraising capabilities, FAM boasts of colors that exude altruism beyond its ordinary definition. They have sent iPads to children undergoing treatment for their enjoyment, maintained families’ homes and dues, and provided innumerable means of transportation for Cancer patients to and fro their treatment facilities. FAM has also introduced programs to help other members of the family cope with the struggles.

To Milk, the personal difficulties faced by the families are often overlooked because of the overarching need to attend to the directly affected family member. That is why, when Milk created the organization, he endeavored to shape the same that found a balance between the personal needs of the family and that of the patient. Built with a vision of striking symmetry in helping others, FAM has successfully catered to the needs of both without sacrificing the quality of their assistance.

Since its foundation, FAM has helped thousands of people in meaningful ways. Their organization offers a less traditional way of helping its beneficiaries. Instead of being just a fundraising figure, FAM takes pride in their lifelong commitment with their beneficiaries to ensure countless encounters of assistance to a cancer patient’s journey to wellness. This is in line with their mission of providing quality and unwavering support as key to individuals’ pursuit of eradicating the disease.

As the head of FAM, Milk relentlessly heeds the call of those who need help. When he met a cancer survivor through Justin Bieber, he was moved by his story; so much that he packed his bags and began traveling across the country. Meeting and talking to people from all walks through his trips only fueled Milk Tyson’s passion to help others. With FAM helping different families across the globe, Milk hopes to inspire more individuals and organizations to follow suit.

To know more about FAM, you may visit their website.

Nicole Rokita Shares Why She Opened LA’s First Keto Restaurant

The keto diet has enjoyed an upsurge of popularity in recent years with the help of online communities and social media platforms. The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet designed to lower blood sugar and insulin levels and shift the body’s metabolism toward fat and ketones instead of carbs. Like with any diet, many skeptics ask: does it work? Nicole Rokita, the proud owner of the niKETO Restaurant in Hollywood, gives a resounding yes.

The first all-keto restaurant in Hollywood, California, niKETO Restaurant is known for serving low-carb, gluten-free versions of everyone’s classic food favorites—from pizzas and burgers to desserts. The team at niKETO Restaurant, headed by founder Nicole Rokita, spent over three years developing the menu alone to ensure that it was perfect and satisfactory for their target demographic as well as unsuspecting taste testers who were getting their first bite of keto meals. The team enjoyed surprising people once they found out afterward that the meal they had thoroughly enjoyed was a healthy ketogenic meal.

Nicole Rokita is the mastermind behind the famous keto restaurant. As a model seeking a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, she eagerly embraced the keto lifestyle after she heard about its long list of health benefits and weight management advantages. Five years later, keto has become an important part of her lifestyle.

Her dedication to keto has brought out her passion for bringing delicious food that is surprisingly healthy as well. As the proud owner of niKETO Restaurant, she seeks to inspire others to join her on a journey that has been life-changing for her health.

“The concept of niKETO was influenced by the ketogenic diet, but the key to success for niKETO is much simpler: the goal is to create awareness about the positive effects that a low carb diet has on both your mind and your body,” she said.

Nicole Rokita has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Chicago. Her decision to embark in the restaurant industry was spontaneous. It stemmed from her pure passion for the ketogenic diet. Though she was told that the restaurant industry is one of the toughest to succeed in, she persisted because of her keen entrepreneurial mindset.

Nicole designed the menu to be as low in carbohydrates as possible so that diners could still enjoy a great amount of flexibility when choosing the food items they would consume that day. The keto advocate believed this would be the safest way to ensure that her customers would not exceed their carbohydrate limit.

As a restaurant owner, she aims to create awareness of recent scientific research that disputes what the public has been taught in regard to the food pyramid. Nicole Rokita has a strong desire to educate the masses on how to truly eat healthily.

Nicole is currently expanding niKETO into an entire restaurant group that will operate several restaurants of varying cuisines but with the same mission: to keep the carbs low and the meals keto-friendly. Currently, niKETO is available only in Los Angeles, but Nicole Rokita has big plans to expand in major cities in the near future.

Check out the niKETO Restaurant on its website. Stay up-to-date with Nicole Rokita on her Instagram.

Podcast Squad Is the Solution to Booking Podcast Services in the Business and Entrepreneurship Niche

Every business needs recognition for growth. Business owners and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the online platform to gain better social media presence through paid advertisements. Collin Castrina and Christopher Cox, the founders of Podcast Squad, have been helping them gain better exposure.

Castrina and Cox have worked in the market with entrepreneurs seeking to gain exposure, either for recognition for their business, building their personal brand, or even for a book launch. There are several ways to build social media presence, such as advertisements on social media sites or YouTube. One of the most popular platforms today is podcasts.

Whether it’s on apps like Spotify or other sites, podcasts are accessible and deliver their messages. However, Castrina and Cox noticed that some podcast booking services would project unrealistic standards paired with unreasonable pricing.

Before partnering with them, one of their clients reached out to all other podcast booking services in the space. While some never responded, one service took over seven months to deliver on their 20 podcast package promise. They were five months overdue.

Castrina and Cox were disgusted that these services claimed to be “the best” and founded Podcast Squad. They wanted to deliver the highest level of results for their clients without worrying about the project being completed on its target date.

Podcast Squad only accepts a limited number of clients. Unlike other podcast services, by having a highly exclusive clientele of established entrepreneurs, Podcast Squad can get their clients on high-quality podcasts and work closely with them to ensure the best delivery of results. 

Having such an exclusive clientele gives them the space they need to make their clients a top priority. It also allows them to book their clients on shows that align with the message and deliver much faster compared to other booking services.

Despite having limited slots for their clients, the prices that Podcast Squad offers is still less expensive than mainstream booking services. They boast better pricing and book clients on a high volume of shows that align with their message and brand. Castrina and Cox have full confidence in their company’s ability to fulfill their services. They also commit a money-back guarantee. 

Podcast Squad helps clients “Monetize Your Words, Image, and Influence.” They have proven to deliver much faster when speed is essential, for example, book launches. If their clients don’t prioritize speed, Castrina and Cox help spread them out over a longer duration.

Their team has built invaluable relationships with some of the entrepreneurship and business niche’s top podcasts, allowing them to service their clients on top tier podcasts. Without a massive social media following or relationships with the hosts, booking a top tier show can be challenging. Podcast Squad works exclusively with established entrepreneurs who may or may not have a social media following.

Podcast Squad is fast becoming an unstoppable force in the business and entrepreneurship niche. Castrina and Cox are targeting to become a household name in the podcast booking space. With their results being second to none, they are confident that their services will be exclusive to top-tier entrepreneurs within a few short years, Podcast Squad continues to grow to its fullest potential.

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