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Rising Music Artist Amanda Marie Wilkinson to Launch New Single

Up-and-coming music artist Amanda Marie Wilkinson is poised to overwhelm the music industry with the upcoming release of her single ‘Spiritual Level’. The Houston, Texas native is spreading her wings in the entertainment industry from film to television and the upcoming launching of her music career. With a lot of positivity, determination, and an inspiring past that fuels her passion for thriving under pressure, Amanda is expected to spark hope and motivation from many music enthusiasts. 

Amanda Marie Wilkinson draws inspiration from her very uncommon and life-altering past. She got involved in a life-threatening accident when she was very young and almost ended up dead. She broke her back, pelvis, and femur, requiring her to go through surgery and an excruciating physical therapy thereafter. She was fortunate to have made it in a wheelchair after a series of therapies and, with a lot of hard work and determination, eventually returned to walking again. 

Despite her significant physical progress after the accident, Amanda Marie Wilkinson lacked the emotional, moral, and financial support she badly needed as her mother was sick at that time. Unfortunately, she eventually passed away, leaving her daughter with no other family members to take care of her. As Amanda grew up in a very poor home setting, it was the different families in the community that supported her after her mother’s demise. She drew strength from the family who opened their door to give her a new home, became her caregivers and source of support. 

“No matter what can happen to shake up your day, knowing you have literally survived worse, brings so much more ease and peace. Everything else is irrelevant. I have been strengthened in areas I otherwise wouldn’t know of myself before. Those areas are magnified today. Each day is another day of growth. It is how we are able to grow together and that makes it all worthwhile. In all that I do, I give it my all. I lift others and walk with them as I continue on this journey. It is the very least I can do,” Amanda reveals. 

Amanda Marie Wilkinson found writing to be a source of inner healing and an effective creative outlet. As she continued to carve out a path for herself in theater, music, even in business, she found music to be her life’s greatest passion and the most effective platform for her to share her inspiring message to encourage others to keep on fighting regardless of how difficult life may get. 

“I pay attention to what brings a smile to my morning as I wake and what keeps it there all the way to the end of my day. When you are in tune with your core, in all that you do, it will be your all, you at your very best! That is what others will receive of you. That is what you have to walk away knowing and proud of. Authenticity will always be your greatest advantage. Not one of us is the same. There is no competition. There is collaboration and also how we can compliment another,” Amanda adds. 

As Amanda Marie Wilkinson readies herself for the music industry, she only sees herself living more passionately as the years progress. No matter what the outcome may be, she is prepared to do what it takes to reach out to as many people as she can so they, too, can be inspired to press on and never give up. 

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Matt Corman of “Make It Happen” Releases Musical Masterpieces Every Friday

A sold-out concert alongside chart-topping rap artist Fetty Wap in 2017 marked Matt Corman’s musical career. From that experience, several opportunities from the music industry and the community came knocking on his door. Today, he is focused on releasing tracks that keep his supporters hooked every Friday.

Matt Corman entered the music scene in 2014 straight out of his college dorm. He first released his debut mixtape “Bars Over Bass,” which was followed by “Speak First” in 2015. He started performing live and even had the opportunity to tour and sit as the supporting act for the famous artist Post Malone when White Iverson first came out. He has also worked alongside Fetty Wap and Cam Meekins, among many others.

Around 2016, Matt Corman teamed up with Nicco Catalano, also known as Neek, who helped the rising artist craft his sound. During winter of that year, he opened up for Sammy Adams in front of a sold-out crowd at Boston’s House of Blues. 

Matt Corman is the first-ever alumni of Southern New Hampshire University to ever perform at a significant school event, the Major Homecoming Concert. In 2018, he released a project entitled Whiteboards & Windows, which led him to establish his label “Make It Happen (MIH) Universal.” As soon as the label became operational, the rising musician hopped on tour with a famous personality, Aaron Carter. 

Tattooed on his arm are the words “Make It Happen,” representing more than his music label. “My Make It Happen brand is everything I live for. I didn’t come from money. I never had connections to the industry. Every problem I ran into, and there were many, I had to figure out a way to make it happen, even when I didn’t have the resources to do so,” explains the promising rap artist Matt Corman.

Today, his music has amassed more than 20 million streams independently across different platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. The numbers continue to be on the rise as well. Indeed, Matt Corman is slowly but surely making himself a household name in the independent hip-hop music scene as he increases his presence on social media and in the music arena, in general.

Popular YouTubers such as NELK and FaZe Rug have even used his music on their platforms. This 2020, Matt Corman has committed to releasing music every Friday for the rest of the year and even in 2021. He has also made a bold decision to remain as an independent artist despite serious talks with several powerhouse music labels back in November 2019. “Being independent, I am the machine that drives my business forward. I have complete ownership of my masters, distribution, publishing and brand direction,” he explains.

Matt Corman takes pride in the fact that he built his brand without help from anyone else. He writes, records, engineers, and produces his music all on his own. He was also the one who made his sold-out national shows and tours happen. With all these in mind, he is confident that he can reach the top as an independent artist. 

Matt Corman has his heart set out on making music that will top the billboards. He also hopes to mentor fellow artists and creatives in creating and launching their brands. He wants to make it possible for artists to shine in the music industry, even without insider connections. Ultimately, he wants to “make it happen.”

To know more about Matt Corman, you may reach out to him through his official website.

Black River Pumping Services: Upstate New York’s First Pumpdown Well-Pumping Company

Black River Pumping Services launches the first pump-down company pumping on a well in Upstate New York. Its sister company, Black River Oilfield Services, is a rising company in the oil and gas industry, and today, Black River has expanded services to well-pumping in New York. 

Black River Pumping Services has made it a mission to deliver high-quality and high-value service to the industry. In line with its vision to exceed customer expectations and foster consistent and repeat business, the company ensures that all its services are centered on quality and safety.

For the team behind the rising business, safety is at the core of their values. Part of their company mission explains that they fully commit to the health and safety of their employees, customers, and community. Black River consistently improves its company processes and services to ensure safety. The company requires individual accountability and expects each member of the team to comply with the safety standards. The company believes that “safety is the responsibility of all employees, including both top management and individual workers.”

Black River Pumping Services covers a wide range of services, including wireline pump down, pressure testing, toe preps, tubing installation, drill outs, injection tests, coil tubing assistance, acid displacement, well loading, kill jobs, maintenance of backside pressure, and more depending on the needs of the clients.

The company takes pride in the high-quality service its team provides. Dee Yetts, CEO of Black River, explains that his motivation for building the brand stems from the reality he witnessed in the previous companies he worked for. “Other companies I worked for in the past didn’t deliver the service quality my team was looking for. So I decided to step out on my own,” he explains.

On top of pumping services, the company is also most notable for its Black River Oilfield services. Inspection and certification in the oil and gas industry are essential since equipment cannot be deployed without these tests, and if deployed without testing, it may cause extensive damage to property, production, or people. This is where the company’s oilfield services come in as they are trusted and authorized to undertake inspections and re-certifications.

At present, Black River Pumping Services is consistent in impressing clients with its exceptional services and its focus on safety when it comes to well-pumping. The company is on the rise in Upstate New York as its unique services continue to be sought after. 

Company CEO Dee Yetts has a great vision for Black River Pumping Services in the future. He hopes for his company to become the top leading pump companies in the industry. He is preparing his company to cater to a vast majority of clients in the oil, gas, and water industries. He hopes to inspire more entrepreneurial aspirants to chase after their dreams. 

The rising entrepreneur also points out that “Dreams do come true.” He goes on to remind others, “Build yourself a great team and great things will happen.” Indeed, his successful businesses today are the true embodiment of his motivational message.

To learn more about Black River Pumping Services, please visit its official website.

SkyTrues: All Eyes on This Custom Shades Brand

Behind the rows of bold, bedazzling sunglasses on SkyTrues is the artist who designs and handcrafts each frame and detail. Founder George “Goldenboy” Phelps draws inspiration from his environment—from the people around him and the things they own to the colors and things around me. Then he opens his mind, picks up his brush, and lets God in. Despite having no formal art training, George has managed to create award-winning designs and attract famous customers.

George had always been the artistic type growing up. Seeking to be different from other artists, he started painting on glasses. The idea took off, and George quickly became known as Picasso in Frames. With this vision, he launched SkyTrues as a symbol of being true to the skies of flyness. The glasses feature bright, vivid colors, intricate details, and unique designs that are perfect for people who like to be fly and different. SkyTrues represents those who dare soar to new heights but remain true to who they are.

SkyTrues is a high-fashion brand of statement sunglasses. What sets the brand’s products from mainstream specs is its handcrafted, bespoke quality: each piece is completely unique. To create the piece, George factors in the customer’s style and personal taste as well as their measurements to create a pair of sunglasses that can best represent the wearer. As a result, no two pieces are alike.

Since the brand was launched seven years ago, SkyTrues has steadily risen in brand recognition and market share. The brand’s products have been worn by different personalities, from hip-hop artists to politicians and athletes. The brand has gone worldwide with customers in London and the UK. SkyTrues shades were even spotted on the Soul Train Music Awards.

Some of the brand’s notable customers include NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, boxing legend Mike Tyson, City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Rock’ n’ Roll Hall of Famer George Clinton, Angie Stone, Paul Wall, Lil’ Flip, and Waka Flocka. SkyTrues regularly steals the spotlight in the media, having been featured in magazines such as the Houston Style Magazine, Rolling Out, and The Young Houston, as well as a selection of blogs. SkyTrues’s colorful shades were featured on Great Day Houston: Debra Duncan Show.

Owing to its one-of-a-kind products and artistic vision, SkyTrues has taken part in many design-related events and celebrations, such as the iFest, the Summer Street Art Show, the Dominion Fashion Show, the Peveto Fashion Show for the JuCan Foundation, RAWartist, the Diva Day Fashion Show, and several other fashion shows in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and New Orleans. The brand was recently approached to become part of a reality TV show for Houston’s upcoming designers. 

The brand’s eye-catching designs have also won many awards and accolades from organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club of America, Sparkles of Life, and The 5th Ward Youth Academy. Founder George Phelps himself was listed in Houston’s Top 40 Influential Men.

In the future, George aims to reach international recognition for his brand. One of his dreams is to collaborate with major eyewear designers such as Ray-Ban or Versace to create exclusive customized lines of eyewear.

Scroll through the Skytrues website to take a peek at George’s artistry and stay-up-to-date with the brand on Instagram.