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The Most Practical Personality System Created by Master Mentalist Johnny Wu

Performing over 400 shows a year, Johnny Wu is one of the top paid performers in the world. Johnny has performed for celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Jessica Alba and multiple prominent corporations.

Many people might think that Johnny achieved his spot at the top by being the best at card tricks and sleight of hands, which certainly has a ring of truth, but it is not the whole story. 

Magic, for Johnny, is not a physical product, but an experience. With this mindset, Johnny has looked for ways to make his experiences unforgettable and one of a kind.

Beyond his cunning magician persona, Johnny is also an incredible entrepreneur. His knowledge and systems in place have guided him to communicate, influence, and persuade effectively. Over the last seven years, Johnny has successfully read thousands of people’s minds and has been a thought leader in the mental space.

Johnny has carefully kept his systems of reading people’s minds and connecting with people top-secret until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With the world on lockdown, Johnny realizes the importance of communication in these trying times and has been allowing everyone to learn the very system he uses, namely the Suits program.

Through his Suits program, Johnny has trained many leaders. As a personality assessment, the unique system is guaranteed to help people understand themselves and others on a fundamental level. Compared to the prevailing systems like DISC and Myers-Brigg, Suits is created throughout Johnny’s seventeen years of meticulously examining people and inspecting all types of different personalities and personal motives.

Johnny used different methods to build the system, such as putting thousands of people into a trance and reading their minds and researching the psychology of human behavior, human brain science, body language, the science of body language, human behavior, mentalism, hypnosis, and the science of personalities. The system teaches people four different personalities that people are born with. 

With Suits, there is no need to answer lots of personality questions; people can learn the system practically within an hour. The program will teach students how to identify their prospect’s personalities within seconds, how to adapt to personalities, and detailed breakdowns to close deals given the personality. People will know how to structure their sales pitch, talk, dress, and ask questions to motivate different psyches.

The system is terrific for people to understand themselves and others, but it is best used for business.

Each person has what it takes to be a marketing professional, Johnny firmly believes. Everyone has something they can market: an idea, a product, or themselves as identity and brand.

Even the people Johnny has taught often already have the technical abilities; all they need is to hone their skills in communication within and outside the team effectively. Harmonized communication will boost productivity and, more importantly, increase wealth.

Johnny’s motivation to open the Suits program despite it being top-secret is to help people learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. Through this, Johnny hopes to contribute to reducing the world’s miscommunication and regain its harmony.

Head over to Johnny’s personal website and the SUITS website for more details.

Paper-Chase Publications: Offering the Ultimate in Urban Literature

There is nothing more powerful and more impactful than a good, old-fashioned story. Whether it might be based on reality or a complete work of fiction, a good story can leave a mark on those reading it. Literature is so important in society because it holds many different powers: it can inspire, teach, and even influence its readers.

Throughout history, many works of literature, like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Homer’s The Odyssey, and even the Bible, have helped shape how society thinks. Stories are also powerful because they are a way for people to communicate their reality and allow people to know who they are. They give us a new look into a world that is beyond our own and can even help us connect better with others. Paper-Chase Publications does exactly this by offering its readers a look into the realities of street life through its various offerings.

Paper-Chase Publications is a unique startup publishing company based in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that offers books “aimed at the intelligent urban reader who desires more than the typical urban literature.” They provide their readers the “Ultimate in Urban Literature,” offering titles like “Hood Politics,” “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story,” and “The Prodigal Son,” which takes a look into the realities of life in the streets.

Instead of glorifying the street lifestyle like traditional urban entertainment, Paper-Chase Publications aims to entertain and educate their readers by providing content that sheds light on the harsh realities of urban life. Their offerings are available in traditional paperback format, as well as in electronic formats for Kindle, iBooks, and Nook, with a planned e-book release through their mobile app that will come out in 2021. Paper-Chase also offers branded merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank-tops, tote bags, and more.

Paper-Chase Publications is the brainchild of author and owner J. Cerrone Smith. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, J. Cerrone spent time as a youth residing in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, the Southside of Chicago, Illinois, and Harlem, New York City. Growing up, he was exposed to the streets early and lived a turbulent adolescent life. While he was able to get stable employment in the corporate world, he turned back to the streets to provide for his wife and son, which lead to him spending time in jail and on house arrest.

After time in jail, J. Cerrone Smith decided to turn his life around and started writing “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story,” which became the debut release for Paper-Chase Publications. These experiences also led J. Cerrone to rewrite “The Prodigal Son: Book One,” which he first wrote when he was 19. 

Paper-Chase Publications aspires to welcome its readers into the true world of the urban lifestyle. They provide stories which highlight what it is truly like to be out of the streets, with content straight out of the lives of the people who have lived to tell the tale.

To know more about Paper-Chase Publications, you may visit their website at