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‘Exclusive Calls’ Helps Give Exclusivity to Business Firms

Businesses these days are using every available platform for the promotion of their company and its products. Even though newer strategies like social media and digital marketing techniques are already available, these techniques still fail to give instant responses. As such, companies employing telemarketing and sales development strategies like Exclusive Calls are highly essential to keep any company running smoothly.

Due to demand, Exclusive Calls was founded in 2008 by Mo Amin. Mo worked for a call center technology company that sold dialers to businesses for appointment setting services. He was the Vice President of Business Development at the company. During his term, he would notice that the number one reason for clients canceling their dialer system technology was because their appointment setter disappeared, or things didn’t work out due to lack of skill. Usually, when this happened, the business owner would opt to cancel the dialer system until they found a replacement caller. 

Applying what he learned from the grievances of the former call center technology company where he was employed, Mo started his small company on the side. Whenever a client called the dialer company to cancel, he would offer them a trained, dedicated caller to work exclusively for them on the dialer they were already paying for by tapping to his team. Once the transactions picked up, Mo Amin pushed through with his plans of founding Exclusive Calls.

This firm specializes in placing dedicated appointment setters to work on behalf of different businesses. Examples of firms or businesses that the company is currently working with are insurance agents, mortgage brokers, solar companies, contractors, and web development companies, and many more.

What sets Exclusive Calls apart from other telemarketing agencies is its business model. The company assigns a dedicated caller, or team of callers, to a single account, making it a one-on-one transaction with incredible focus to detail for the account. Moreover, the company blocks internet access except for the connection to the phone and CRM system to minimize any distractions for the employees. The company also does not allow the callers to tend to their phones during working hours so as to achieve maximum efficiency.

Exclusive Calls provides a more effective and efficient way to attract outbound callers because they established a foolproof system to unlock the full potential of the trainees and recruits. The callers are in an environment with other competitive personalities to induce maximum supervision and highest output. 

The company recruits, trains, and hires appointment setters that will exclusively work for the company using their caller ID. Meanwhile, the executive team behind the company monitors, manages, and coaches the callers on-site. The company also has quality assurance representatives on site. The quality assurance reps barge in on the appointments or call back the interested prospects to confirm the appointments before they are emailed to the client. Lastly, the company has one team leader responsible for handling 12-16 callers and their associated accounts daily, forging personal relationships to enhance leadership.

Exclusive Calls was established to provide trained appointment setters to organizations and business firms who genuinely need it and are wanting to grow their business. The company promises top-notch support and high efficiency at setting appointments. Partnering with Exclusive Calls will ensure that a business will always have a flow of warm prospects.

Check out the company’s website for more information.

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