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Sheesh Entertainment’s Founder Encourages Others to Break Barriers and Take Risks

A sudden shift in one’s vocation is often seen as a displeasing choice for many. And with all the uncertainties surrounding these trying times, some would often set aside passion for making way for a more concrete and reassuring career path. But for Curtis Foster Jr., otherwise known as $windlaaa, founder of Sheesh Entertainment, nothing is more comforting than finding oneself pursuing the desired calling in life.

Although it may sound egotistical for some to pursue a risky dream over more secure goals, $windlaaa knew that limiting oneself to safe zones can only prevent a person from truly achieving success. And with the victories that $windlaaa has obtained from shifting from one path to another and creating Sheesh Entertainment, his choices in life only proved as a genuine attestation that success lies with those who dare to go beyond boundaries.

Hailing from the hustle-and-bustle streets of New York City, $windlaaa knew that he was fit to walk with fame and success by creating a platform where he can hone his talents and further develop others’ skills in music through Sheesh Entertainment. However, his goal of reaching the peak of triumphs was met with countless challenges. And because of these unpredictable bumps on the road, $windlaaa had to take a few steps back, pack his bags, move to Florida, and half-heartedly chase something that he once perceived as a more promising career path.

However, the more $windlaaa delved into a path far from his passion, the more he felt that something was lacking. And as emptiness continued to stir within him, he decided to quit his present profession and went after his childhood dream – to become a sterling figure in the world of entertainment. So fueled with a fiery passion for pursuing his lifelong goal, he decided to create Sheesh Entertainment.

Sheesh Entertainment is a record label company that pushes the boundaries of music and entertainment by shaping aspiring talented individuals to strike a balance between passion and advocacy. The company was built around its purpose of sending encouragement to others in pursuing paths according to a person’s love and passion for one’s chosen trade. Moreover, this heightened focus towards its noble mission was due to its founder’s initial denial of his dreams. And now that he has attained success by breaking barriers, $windlaaa wanted others to follow suit and live unafraid of taking risks through Sheesh Entertainment.

As the founder of Sheesh Entertainment – a company that centers on its noble mission of inspiring others to overcome the fear of going beyond safe zones, $windlaaa’s towering zeal can be traced back to college, where he can be found randomly creating tunes and writing songs in his makeshift studio. This seemingly ordinary moment was the time where he genuinely manifested his love for music. Although he was juggling between passion and his other goal at that time, $windlaaa decided to focus on what truly matters in his life. And because $windlaaa succeeded in reaching the pinnacles of victory despite his sudden career shift, he thought it best to become an inspirational figure for others.

But aside from Sheesh Entertainment, $windlaaa also runs a clothing line called Sheesh Clothing.

With the lack of approval that $windlaaa had gotten during his unanticipated career change, this did not waver $windlaaa’s determination to prove these people wrong. Now, with the success of Sheesh Entertainment, he plans to continue inspiring others to take risks and follow their dreams.

To know more about $windlaaa and Sheesh Entertainment, you may visit their website. Follow $windlaaa on Spotify and listen to his top hit song ‘Moving Fast’ where he raps about the struggles of his career change.

ArtTour International Is Ready for the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards 2021

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony continues to honor the world’s most talented artists. It takes place in spring next year at the enchanting city of Florence, Italy. Despite the pandemic, they are preparing to once again honor artists through this most-coveted award program.

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony is proud to present one of the most exciting award programs in the international art scene. The award Awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the world’s best and most talented visual artists. It is one of the most sought-after recognitions among artists. Every year, ArtTour International receives thousands upon thousands of submissions from artists of all ages and all walks of life from all over the globe. The selection process is very extensive, and each year only 60 are chosen to make up the final list. 

Artists from around the world look forward to this ceremony. Indeed, it is known as an award ceremony, unlike any other. The ArtTour International Masters Awards reunites artists from all over the globe in one setting to recognize their careers, their activist works, and to promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange.

The host of the event, ArtTour International, is a revolutionary multimedia platform created by international art celebrity Viviana Puello and her partner Alan Grimandi. With an audience of over 2 million people in 205 countries, it is at the forefront of promoting culture and the arts as a revolutionary multimedia platform that supports artists worldwide. It also publishes a printed magazine that features artists who deserve the spotlight. Today, it has grown its readership to 10 million and is finally furthering its reach through the ArtTour International Show. The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 in the afternoon on Spectrum 1993. The show received the Public Media Awards of Excellence for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

Besides the prestige, the ArtTour International Masters Awards represents something more. It holds a new journey for breakthroughs and opportunities for anyone who receives the award. Through this, many art entrepreneurs and connoisseurs recognize the artists’ talent, which then transforms their lives and career.

The critically acclaimed award program is led by Viviana Puello and her partner, Alan Grimandi. Founders of ArtTour International. Viviana Puello is an internationally recognized art business expert and CEO of ArtTour International. With their efforts for the arts and artists, it’s no wonder why this awards program is as successful as the rest of their endeavors.

The event is possible through the collaborative efforts with Create4Peace. A non-profit organization that focuses on bringing the best and most talented artists together to exchange ideas and cultivate intercultural relations. Since its foundation, ArtTour International brings the event around the world. They’ve gone to Miami, New York, Ferrara, and Montagnac, and this year, Florence.

Awardees get a chance to travel and explore the culture and artworks present in the host country. They will gather in Florence for the ceremony next year to immerse themselves in Italy’s culture by touring the country.

This contest highlights the diversity of culture from the selected artists. Frequently, ArtTour International pairs up the winners with their other non-profit organizations and be part of their working team or lead their projects.

ArtTour International Magazine is a major contributor to international art society. With more than 10 million followers across social media, their magazine, and their International television show, Viviana Puello knows that they are making a huge impact. Not only for her artists but to the entire world that may have never been introduced to these incredibly talented humans without her. The search for the next batch of talented artists to receive this prestigious recognition has begun. Visual artists, both new and old, are welcome to submit their works. 

The search for the next Top 60 masters for 2021 to receive this award has begun. Artists are welcome to submit their works directly to their website. You can also nominate your favorite artists directly on ArtTour International’s official website. Nominations are also welcome from non-visual artists who want to support their favorite budding artists. Follow ArtTour International  on Instagram and Facebook  for updates and upcoming artists and art news.

‘Red All Over’ Director John Wayne S. III on How He Went From Production Assistant to Successful Director

John Wayne S. III (JW) is known by many as the director of the critically acclaimed indie film Red All Over, a poignant story of gun violence, mental health, bullying, and life. Over his twenty-six-year career, John Wayne has been a storyteller, filmmaker, and producer, having garnered years of immersive experience in multiple aspects of both the film and music industries. John Wayne’s unique work gives audiences fresh lenses for viewing reality as they have never seen before through film, music, and television.

John Wayne’s eye for filmmaking comes from his desire to reveal the lesser-known. He has always loved telling stories of people/events that are not noticed by many. The director has a penchant for zooming in on the smaller, less understood lessons that seem to get swept behind the scenes despite their importance.

The Chicago native is a firm believer that everyone has an important story to tell. He has a special interest in envisioning stories from alternate points of view. For social justice projects, for example, he uses different lenses to look at the issue at hand and step backs to gain clarity.

John Wayne’s remarkable career in production and film began when he worked as a production assistant, in Chicago, for director George Tillman Jr.’s first feature-length film, Scenes for the Soul. During those days, he was only getting his bearings in the industry. He spent a lot of time working on productions, in his search for the information he needed to be better at his craft. He read, researched, and absorbed the tools and tips that he needed to guide his career. 

When film production wrapped, John Wayne then explored the music industry with Grammy-nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and eventually became director of international A&R, supervising agents in both the UK and Japan.

Encouraged by his growing knowledge and intimacy with production and publicity, John Wayne joined forces with another director to produce music videos. Realizing the evocative power of music videos and their potential to amplify the emotions of the music, he started JWS Productions to focus on this art form. Since then, John Wayne has produced over 200 music videos, 70 commercials, and a variety of media projects.

After ten years of successful projects, John Wayne was chosen to become president and general manager of DL Records, where he guided the label’s trajectory and helped propel its artists into mainstream media. Under his leadership, DL Records generated the hit single, “We Don’t Play Dat,” by Bodaiga,  produced by Lil John, and featured Bun B of UGK.

Despite all his success, John Wayne longed to return to his roots—filmmaking. Eager to return to the frontier of documentary and feature films, he established Londyn Town Pictures, named after his daughter, in 2009. His first production was Last Step Before Reality, a documentary that followed six young adults, aged eighteen to twenty, attending an alternative school.

John Wayne made his film directorial debut with Red All Over, starring Slim Thug (American Rapper), Donna Biscoe (Hidden Figures, Girls Trip), Charmin Lee (Just Mercy, The Inspectors), and Victor Love (Native Son). The film was received positively by critics and audiences, marking his directorial debut a success. John Wayne continues to focus on producing and directing new film and TV projects. He is currently working with a showrunner and a few notable producers in developing several television shows.

Lately, the director has been assisting young filmmakers in bringing their projects to life, providing the needed guidance and understanding on how to steer production. He wants to help keep the art of storytelling alive by guiding young filmmakers, writers, and producers in making their dreams a reality.

Learn more about John Wayne S. III on Instagram and his production company, Londyn Town Pictures, on their website.

Michael Jenkins Shares Secrets to Creating Generational Wealth

Financial coach Michael Jenkins is a renowned name in financial coaching for the foreign exchange market. He’s known for his dedication and passion for wealth building and his extensive background in this industry. His sole mission is to support and guide his clients to success by focusing on their education.

Michael Jenkins has specialized in strategy building, risk management, and trading plan education in his illustrious career. These skills have proven well in piloting others in reaching their monetizing goals.

Michael Jenkins grew up in a single-parent home on the eastside of Detroit. As a child, he was an active member of the marching band at Spain Elementary, where he established the military-style discipline and leadership skills that paved the way for his future accomplishments. After two years, Michael dropped out of college but went full steam ahead into the workforce and advanced his way up to the top sales charts for T-Mobile US and various home security companies.

Despite mastering his roles, Michael Jenkins became stressed out by the constant work and pressure he endured in his commission-based jobs. Eventually, he was laid off due to economic hardships. Fortunately for Michael, this event inspired him to branch out for something better—the foreign exchange market.

It was not easy at first. The complex industry seemed like a hostile environment for beginners like him. However, Michael Jenkins persevered and soon established a strong foundation within the industry. In just nine months, he grew a massive trading account and gained a student base of over 700 aspirants, who all desired to learn from him. This reality became a catalyst for Michael’s profound aspiration to teach his ways and help people break the 9-to-5 for good.

Michael Jenkins is determined to become a valuable resource for others to achieve their financial dreams and to create a bright, enriched future for themselves without the constraints of a traditional corporate environment or the need to sell. He is deeply passionate about watching his students thrive. He demonstrates that ardency by delivering effective hands-on training, 24/7 support, and professional services that can solidify their confidence in the fact that they are in the best hands to help them reach their future wealth ambitions.

Michael’s students benefit from over-the-shoulder strategy coaching via Zoom, round-the-clock testing, daily live trainings, Q&A sessions, and a three-tiered support system.

Michael Jenkins primarily focuses on helping middle-class parents who are looking for an opportunity to create generational wealth. As someone who grew up seeing his single parent struggle to raise him alone, he deeply understands the lack of lucrative opportunities out there—for those with or without a college education. His solution is to share his experiences with anyone willing to listen, hoping that he will be able to spark interest in them to learn more about foreign exchange.

In this age, making money from one’s phone is the most convenient opportunity right now because everyone has one—plus WiFi is everywhere! Combine this with the fact that the foreign exchange market moves over 7 trillion daily, and this creates the perfect environment of opportunities to build one’s generational wealth. Michael Jenkins believes that learning forex can help one get their family out of poverty while allowing them to teach the same skill to their children and friends, creating a cycle in which everyone can become wealthy.

With this vision, Michael aims to make an impact on 1 million lives, helping to end the cycle of poverty that haunts so many families and assisting millions more in achieving their dreams.

Learn more about Michael’s work on his website.