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MobileyMe is the Newest and Most Secure App to Back Up Your Data

There’s too much uncertainty in the present around data security, and all the apps, images, documents, and other important files stored on our smartphones are no exception. If you want to be extra cautious about the safety of your data, it’s about time you knew what MobileyMe is all about.

MobileyMe Inc. has created a Eureka-type product and service that is ready to hit the market. The elegantly engineered software, ‘MobileyMe,’ is a patented internet-based program that would enable any user’s cell phone data to be saved in a cloud service without even holding the phone in their hands. It offers you full access to your smartphone’s features, including accessing your contacts, and receiving and making calls with your own caller ID, while giving you a seamless experience.

There’s no need to be anxious any longer about being able to access your phone in the event of a lost, stolen, or bricked device. MobileyMe will prevent loss of data from happening, because you will be able to keep the ability to access your personal information and continue running your business without even physically having your phone. It’s a brilliant breakthrough in mobile application technology, as it gives the assurance to any mobile phone owner that their smartphone data will never just go kaput. The user will have the capability to access the phone as if it were never lost and can be traced no matter where it is.

The company’s founder and CEO, Myra Durrani, takes pride in the product being first of its kind and changing the game entirely. “The closest competitors are not competitors at all, given that they only have some limited basic features. She adds, “MobileyMe goes well beyond what they offer. The software will bridge the gaps by adding features that will greatly enhance what is currently on offer that is quite simply inadequate for today’s communications needs.”

Speaking about competitors in the market, if you think about saving to the cloud, the Apple Cloud service may quickly pop into your head. But undeniably, there are some significant limitations to Apple service, such as verification codes being sent to the unusable device, the phone untraceable in ‘airplane’ mode, or if the SIM card was removed, or simply turned off. It’s inevitable to compare the service to MobileyMe, but knowing Apple’s significant limitations, we can clearly see who will climb to the top.

MobileyMe is targeting 5.1 billion smartphone users, assuring each user that worrying about lost data is now a thing of the past. As soon as you download MobileyMe, you will instantly be able to operate your lost phone like it was never gone. You can take photos, send messages, make calls, or even completely wipe out your data if necessary.

If you want to secure all the data on your smartphone now and find out more about MobileyMe, visit their official website,

Jennifer Chapman: Surviving Stroke and Starting Just Commit Coaching

After suffering and surviving a stroke at only 34 years old, Jennifer Chapman rediscovered life and its value through life coaching sessions. Today, she has taken on the role of a life coach at “Just Commit Coaching,” seeking to help others who find themselves in the same position she was in. She is committed to helping them overcome the struggles that come with surviving a stroke.

Jennifer Chapman grew up in Colt’s Country, surrounded by her loving family. At the young age of 11, she lost her biggest supporter in life, her mother. Life went on with her dad and brother filling in the void that she felt after she had lost her mother. Her extended family (aunts and grandparents) also helped support her while growing up. She grew up with a passion for dancing and tennis, which eventually became her therapy.

After college, Jennifer Chapman ventured into the sales arena, spending ten years in the beer, wine, and spirit business. Eventually, she navigated her way outside of her comfort zone and became a business sales representative who impressively hit President’s Club in her first year. The following year, the dedicated sales professional turned 34 years old and felt that she experienced an epiphany. Jennifer recalled how her mother passed away when she was only 34 years old as well. Nine months later, she suffered a stroke without any signs. She found it hard to believe as she was generally healthy. This changed her life instantly and marked the beginning of what would then become “Just Commit Coaching.”

To overcome her experience, Jennifer Chapman had to accomplish acute rehab and therapy. Fortunately, she completely recovered physically. However, she struggled with mental and emotional challenges as she faced her “new normal.” With the help of a life coach, she finally overcame her negative thoughts and feelings. She learned to fully accept her new normal and gained confidence in her new life. Today, she takes pride in being in control of her mindset, attitude, and potential. She is now on a mission to serve other stroke survivors who may find themselves in a dark place. 

“I know I cannot serve anyone else unless my own cup is full of love, joy, acceptance, belief, and strength,” says Jennifer Chapman. Now that she has completely transformed her life for the better and understood the purpose of her experience, she seeks to guide others in overcoming their challenges. She is dedicated to providing them the support they need through Just Commit Coaching. 

Her coaching sessions are designed to cater to stroke survivors who need emotional support. She seeks to guide them in accepting and overcoming the emotional baggage that stroke brought into their lives. She guides them in discovering a new sense of self, purpose, and potential. “It is all about taking a deep dive into the root of their challenges and then offering solutions,” explains Jennifer.

What separates Jennifer Chapman and Just Commit Coaching from others is where Jennifer comes from. Being someone who had firsthand experience in this challenge and having been able to survive and grow from it makes it easy for her to connect and relate to the difficulties that the clients are experiencing. 

In the future, Jennifer Chapman hopes to grow her one on one coaching sessions to grow into group coaching, where she can lead masterminds globally. She hopes to be part of networking events, conferences, and other events. She is ready to take on the podium as a motivational speaker who can inspire others with her story.

Learn more about Jennifer Chapman by visiting her on Instagram and LinkedIn profile. Connect with Jennifer by emailing her at

Farmshopcbd Offers Fantastic Cure for Various Ailments

The saying “health is wealth” has been around for hundreds of years, and it remains relevant today. Especially amid the pandemic, people need to watch over their health just as much as any other aspect of life. Farmshopcbd is providing an effective product that will lead people to optimal health status. 

Farmshopcbd is founded by Carrie Birkel to address pain, anxiety, high stress, epilepsy, and other ailments and diseases, including cancer. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the primary component of the company’s product. Over the years, CBD has been utilized for many uses and acclaimed for its substantial pain control claims. 

“Every person over the age of 20 needs to take CBD. There are over 2,000 receptors that go dormant at approximately the age of 20. The way to continue and live a healthy life is to bring those (receptors) back which only CBD can do,” said Carrie Birkel. Farmshopcbd has been very passionate about distributing its products to consumers on a mission to impact their lifestyle positively. 

Farmshopcbd is also immensely rooted in their customer service. “We return every call and email daily,” said Carrie Birkel. The company goes beyond merely providing their customers’ orders for CBD, but they guide them all the way. Carrie emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with its customers to become a trusted household brand. 

“We are happy to have amazing products that are working for so many people in so many areas,” said Carrie Birkel. Farmshopcbd has provided its quality product across the country. The company feels motivated to expand their distribution further when they encounter testimonies from their customers. Carrie and her team hear from people who have healed from epilepsy, such as a teenager who has not had a seizure since day 2 of taking CBD.. “That is one example we have hundreds of Parkinson’s patients after taking our 1500 mg tincture they have cried and I cry along with them.  This is the most rewarding  feeling I have ever experienced “ said Carrie Birkel.

Carrie Birkel knows the emotional baggage that illnesses can cause. Through Farmshopcbd, she puts people’s minds at ease, knowing that there’s a product out there that is reliable for multiple ailments. The company’s Custom Full Spectrum product line and all products are all organic and certified through comprehensive third-party testing, ensuring that the products are safe for anyone. The team at Farmshop said “we hear this daily the amazing life changes for people, that is what keeps us going”. “ Our Deep wellness salve for all pains, arthritis, burns, surgeries this is an amazing product for just about anything” said Carrie.  The team at Farmshopcbd all care and their mission is to help those in need. 

Founder Carrie Birkel knows how hard it is to receive news and confirmation of being terminally ill. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was told that she only had a year to live. “I had the fight of my life,” Carrie said. “During my search of life saving my own life I came across CBD, we created the purist product to save my life and it worked that is our 1500mg ” said Carrie Among her goals in life was to see her daughter get married and be with her grandchildren. Carrie was diagnosed almost four years ago, and now she is about to see her grandchild. Indeed, she is a strong woman who fought through her illness and embraces life.

Today, Carrie Birkel is in full  remission and is starting a nonprofit organization called Canna Research Institute with Mark Urdahl who will be running the Cancer Trials.  Mark Urdahl Currently  Founded Young blood institute, he is an amazing man who will bring this to thousands to help those in need. We are thrilled to work together on this project as partners Carrie Birkel said.    The organization will be conducting breast cancer trials within the United States, led by a team of researchers, nurses, and many other professionals who are willing to dedicate their lives to a good cause. “Our team members are all dedicated individuals with a history of loss, cancer, or of helping others,” Carrie said.

To learn more about Farmshopcbd, feel free to visit their website.

LA Gold Masks, Hollywood’s Secret Behind Celebrity Skin

As the pandemic has kept most of us inside, skincare rituals have sadly become collateral damage … literally. With personal hygiene on the decline in our new work-from-home “normal,” and device screen time on the rise,  skincare has taken an unfortunate backseat to the list of people’s priorities. Fortunately, research shows there are ways of combating these damaging effects. 

A solution: LA Gold Masks. LA Gold Masks Pure 24k Gold Anti-Aging Peel-Off, which retails for $29, combats the adverse effects of today’s technological demands and restores the skin’s natural glow. Although face masks have been used for centuries across the globe, LA Gold Masks  Pure 24k Gold Anti-Aging Peel-Off combines ancient beauty rituals with modern Korean Beauty techniques to penetrate deeper into the skin to repair damaged skin cells, while also improving uneven skin-tone. 

They say beauty is only skin deep, but what about what’s underneath? LA Gold Masks helps the skin flush toxins from internal pollution, such as alcohol and processed foods, while deep cleaning the pores for a fresh healthy, rejuvenated look and feel. The mask’s gold and vitamin-rich formula help to stimulate collagen production, while stabilizing existing collagen levels in efforts to help prevent the breakdown of the body’s natural producing collagen — an essential task in maintaining that firmer, younger, plumper “Hollywood glow.”  

“Similar to carefully picking out your clothes or food choices, selecting skincare products is a very personal choice and a reflection of how you see yourself. Just like we eat fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet, the same attention and care should apply to our skincare” says company’s founder Neil Ghosh.

Although the skin protects our bodies from harmful elements, it is the most susceptible part of our bodies “faced” with environmental pollution including but not limited to harmful effects of light and often toxin laden products sold with false promises.

LA Gold Masks perfectly calculates a combination of natural ingredients, including the rare element of 24k gold, to offer a tremendous list of benefits including its healing qualities. The gold itself penetrates deep into the skin offering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, sometimes beneficial for those with eczema or dermatitis. The mask uses Vitamin A and aloe to soften, firm, and hydrate the skin among other ingredients such as B12, which help in the prevention of hyperpigmentation.

A perfectly pampered spa day on demand is not difficult to attain with LA Gold Masks Pure 24K Gold Anti-Aging Peel-Off. In fact, each tube is good for at least four full-face uses. As the instruction says, simply squeeze out a generous amount onto your fingers and evenly apply it to dry skin, evenly swiping across desired areas. Be sure to avoid your eyes, ears, hair, and lips. Wait about 35 to 40 minutes or until you feel it is completely dry. Gently peel from the outside inward for an “all-at-once” removal.  Then rinse with cold water to close the pores and pat your face dry. Voila!

The use of gold in beauty treatments is nothing new.  Dating back to the ancient Romans who used gold frequently in their treatments to the icon of historical beauty, Cleopatra, who used gold frequently to maintain a youthful complexion, gold’s healing qualities have long been known and revered.  

LA Gold Masks takes centuries of gold healing rituals and combines them with a modern-day, scientifically created compound that has a maximum effect on healing, purifying, and protecting the skin.

The face is a window into a person’s soul, so everyone should treat it as best they can.  After all, nobody likes looking through a dirty window.

For more information on LA Gold Masks, visit or check out their Instagram page.

Vegas Tinder Photography Leveling Up People’s Online Dating Game

Online dating has quickly become mainstream as the internet continues to be a part of people’s daily living activities everywhere. With app users on services like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel increasing with time, the dating game has leveled up for individuals. That’s where Vegas Tinder Photography comes in.

Vegas Tinder Photography is an online dating consultancy and photography company that helps bachelors and bachelorettes maximize their potential on online dating apps by improving their online image and photos. The company gives focus on helping people improve their online profile pictures and profile descriptions on top of giving general dating advice to people hoping to find matches online.

“There are photographers and there are dating coaches, but rarely is there a combination of both,” shares Michael K, owner of Vegas Tinder Photography. “Having great profile pictures isn’t just about having good photography skills, having good composition, or good general photography principles. We help people on how to be an attractive avatar, pose to look natural and confident, and spark interest in others.”

Michael has had over eight years of experience as a dating coach and ten years of experience as a professional photographer. He owns and operates a dating consultancy company called Pickup Alpha. The dating coach has an abundance of past clients from all walks of life and different places in the world, traveling to thirty countries across five continents. He began a YouTube channel where Michael speaks on dating and building attraction and confidence, helping people make a great first impression. His videos have gathered over fifteen million total views as of late. 

Through Vegas Tinder Photography, Michael holds dating boot camp seminars where he teaches all he has learned from his dating experience. In the past years, Michael shares that he has been on six hundred dates total. Today, Michael focuses on optimizing dating profiles. He has helped over eight hundred clients ranging from eighteen to fifty-six years of age.

Michael brings his proven expertise as a photographer to the table to help people create a lasting impression through amazing headshots. “Investing in your profile pictures are so important,” shares the photographer. “It is essentially your billboard. It pays massive dividends in the long run because every girl that sees your profile will have a significantly higher chance of converting and getting that right swipe.”

In today’s landscape, online dating plays a significant role in most relationships. Studies show that over thirty percent of adults in the United States have tried using a dating app, and roughly one out of ten matches turned into committed relationships.

Vegas Tinder Photography acknowledges the future in store for online dating and hopes to help people get better matches by building up people’s image online. The company has received numerous positive praise from past clients. One client shared, “I took Mike’s dating seminar and also got the photography package. I was able to secure five solid dates during the week I was in Vegas.”

What Michael offers is more than just a personal photoshoot. His tested and proven dating advice has given many of his clients an edge in the wet environments of online dating apps. 

To learn more about Vegas Tinder Photography and Michael, visit the company’s website or Michael’s Instagram and YouTube channel.