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Meet Boris Medvedo, the 19-Year-Old Trading Expert

While some people believe that climbing the ladders of success does not come naturally for young individuals, Boris Medvedo proves that there is no standard age for obtaining success. True enough, people sometimes underestimate the power of today’s youth, which often result in unsolicited, stereotypical views born out of how the media portrays millennials. Remaining steadfast despite these tribulations, 19-year-old Boris Medvedo continues to persevere in order to attain his dreams.

Boris Medvedo, mostly known for conquering the trading industry at a young age, has dedicated his life to learning the ropes behind one of the most complicated facets in the realms of profit-building and business. While some say that Boris Medvedo’s success was due to beginner’s luck, he would vehemently defend otherwise. To Boris, attaining success in this industry requires more than just luck. It needs skill, determination, and a lot of grit.

Born and bred with an eye for trading and business, Boris Medvedo started developing an interest in the craft when he was still a sophomore in high school. At 16, Boris was often found reading about custodial day trading. With the support of his brother, a full-time trader, Boris built and developed profits during his first few attempts at trading. Fueled by his newfound passion for trading, he went on to master the intricacies of the craft by gathering some resources and learning from a few mentors. And by the time Boris got the hang of it, he began to dedicate most of his time trading while traversing through high school.

Having spent most of his teenage years creating a path of his own in the trading business, he started his journey by delving into forex and options. However, Boris Medvedo never found the field as consistent and profitable as day trading stocks. So he put all his eggs in one basket by focusing on trading in the latter. And because of the little victories he gained over time, Boris became part of a small group on Twitter where like-minded individuals can advise and provide buy-and-sell signals. Using his unparalleled skills in the trading industry, he started sharing some snippets of his know-how to the group, which gathered hefty traction from aspiring traders. 

Seeing how many individuals were willing to learn from his experiences, Boris Medvedo decided to share his trading expertise by providing aspirants a platform where they can learn.

Driven to create a lasting impression in the world of trading, Boris Medvedo took it upon himself to wake up at seven in the morning to do live trading with his students and members of his program. Boris Medvedo’s trading workshop entails programs that assure a complete understanding of trading and stock markets. It mainly comprises review sessions, real-time live trading alerts, and one-on-one training calls to ensure that students can fully grasp how trading works in the real world.

And because of the unparalleled dedication that Boris Medvedo has toward his programs, he currently has over 100 students and members in his team.

Although being young in this dog-eat-dog world holds many prejudices from society, Boris Medvedo did not let these perceptions get the best of him. And now, as a 19-year-old trailblazer in the world of trading and the stock market, Boris wishes to send a message of hope that the youth is more powerful than what people might assume.

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