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How A Better Chance for Youth Inc. Has Been Providing Scholars With the Opportunity to Enter Colleges

Access to education is a right that should be granted to everyone, but the situation in America shows that the country is still experiencing an inequality for minorities. Monique S. Robinson, someone who has witnessed and experienced this inequality, has been advocating strongly for a change in this system with her organization, A Better Chance for Youth Inc.

Like the situation over the past decades, minorities today experience the same educational segregation. Despite getting similar results as their fellow students, students of color are less likely to get the same opportunity to be placed in advanced classes.

Monique Robinson sought to make a change in the system. To begin her journey to promote higher learning, she took up psychology at Wilberforce University. By understanding psychological science and applying its practices, she would be better prepared for the long journey ahead of her. After completing the program and earning her degree, she went on to receive an MEd in education leadership and an EdS in education leadership.

With all the right tools at her disposal, Monique Robinson founded a nonprofit organization called A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc. Otherwise known as ABC Youth, the organization promotes higher learning for all scholars. They advocate for historically Black colleges and Universities.

For many families, especially those with children who have the apparent shine of a scholar, college is merely a dream. To many, it is not even an option. The organization wants to help them nurture the potential these scholars have.

While many organizations carry the same goals as A Better Chance for Youth, they stand out by not only reaching out to the family with the opportunity that they can give but also educating them about the process of securing the scholarships. 

A Better Chance for Youth does not just give young scholars this golden opportunity, but they also help the family select the best schools that they can go to. The organization helps these families find the financial support they need to get there.

Like most organizations, it was a complicated process when they started. However, they held on and stayed strong. The scholars that they helped began attending the schools they researched and recommended. Many of those scholars had even made it to graduate. This boosted their morale, and continued reaching out and helping.

Monique Robinson has been providing consulting services on grant writing, all while running A Better Chance for Youth. She has also written for test preparations to ready the scholars entering a new chapter in their lives and writing scholar preparation letters. 

In 2009, she received the honor of Teacher of the Year Award for Imagine Schools at the district and regional level for her contributions to education.

Having touched so many lives and helping scholars across the country, Monique Robinson hopes that families will know that college is not far from reach if they only trust the process. She is hopeful that A Better Chance for Youth will provide college tours and consult more families with scholarships and college support in the near future.

To know more about A Better Chance for Youth Inc, you may visit their website.

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