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The Next Greatest Speaker: A Competition Show for Motivational Speakers

There has been a lot of television competition shows for singers, models, performing artists, designers, and chefs. But a new Onstage Plus original show, The Next Greatest Speaker, will be the first TV competition show of its kind. The Next Greatest Speaker is a show where people compete to be the next great motivational speaker.

This new show will take place over the span of twelve weeks. The first two episodes of The Next Greatest Speaker will feature the contestants trying out for the show. Each contestant will audition with a one-minute motivational talk challenge. After ten contestants have been selected, they will compete each week through different challenges to see who has the skills, knowledge, and charisma to be the next great motivational speaker. These challenges will have high stakes, as one contestant will be eliminated per week.

No competition show will be complete without judges and mentors. Two great motivational speakers have been brought in to guide and judge the contestants through each week of the competition. Renowned motivational and leadership speakers Les Brown and Shawn Fair will serve as the co-hosts, mentors, and judges on The Next Greatest Speaker.

Les Brown is a premier keynote speaker and a renowned authority on achievement. He has spoken in front of an audience as large as 80,000 people. His speaking style skillfully weaves his compelling story with his audience’s experiences, providing a compelling argument for how people have no excuse to be complacent and how they should aim high. In The Next Greatest Speaker, Les Brown will coach the contestants as a group. He will guide the contestants as to what the weekly challenge entails and what their expected performance is.

Shawn Fair is a world-renowned motivational speaker and leadership trainer. He is an expert on corporate leadership vision, business development, and coaching. With his skills, he helped countless individuals achieve massive growth in their business and personal lives.  Shawn has worked with various people across the United States, Europe, and Canada. With his years of experience, Shawn has cultivated the unique ability to engage, motivate, and inspire leaders in achieving their vision. Utilizing his expertise as a motivational speaker and speaking coach,  Shawn Fair will do one-on-one coaching with each contestant on The Next Greatest Speaker. Each week, he will check in with the contestants to see their progress and offer guidance to help them bring out their best. 

The Next Greatest Speaker is a competition show for motivational speakers, but it does not only aim to change the lives of the contestants. This show also wants to impact communities. Each week on The Next Greatest Speaker, the contestants will be asked to apply what they have learned on a challenge that will be carried out in their hometown. This ensures that the contestants bring out the best in themselves and the groups of people they speak to. Viewers of The Next Great Speaker will also greatly benefit from the leadership advice that the show’s mentors and judges provide, making it a must-watch show for anyone who wants to be inspired to grow.

The Next Greatest Speaker will be available on Onstage Plus. Onstage Plus is a digital TV network that wants to bring content from the stage straight into people’s homes around the world. David Watts is currently a partner at Onstage Plus. His years of experience in the marketing and entertainment industry, as well as his work with A-list celebrities such as Louis Grossette Jr., Vivica A Fox, Mario Van Peebles, and Denzel Washington, has made it possible for Onstage Plus to sign on Les Brown and Shawn Fair to be co-hosts on The Next Greatest Speaker.

The Next Greatest Speaker will be available on Onstage Plus in the Fall of 2021. Onstage Plus is also available to stream on ROKU.

For more information on The Next Great Speaker and Onstage Plus, you may visit this website. To learn more about Shawn Fair, you may visit this website.

Steven Ridzyowski and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Is Filling the Void That the Ecommerce Industry Needs

Steven Ridzyowski is most commonly known for his involvement with being a member of the Forbes Business Council and being the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, EMA. Steven prides himself on his skill set and his ability to provide a true turnkey experience from start to finish without the extra monthly agency fee. EMA specializes in creating Shopify ecommerce online retail stores. His team at EMA specializes in everything from A-Z regarding store design, product trends and research, customer service, media buying (for ads), custom product funnels, and more. It helps bridge the gap between those wanting to get into online retail and don’t know anything about it.

Steven has 10+ years of digital marketing experience across multiple advertising platforms, following trends and advertising multiple products and brands throughout his entrepreneurial journey. He founded Ecommerce Marketing Agency in the past year because of his success with running multiple 6- to 7-figure Shopify ecommerce stores in the past 4 years. 

Now is the perfect time to get started in online retail. He has seen this all prior before the pandemic. As online ecommerce sales grew, large big box retailers who didn’t adapt to online marketing, social media, or who did not have any online presence ended up shutting down. They didn’t follow the trends and shift to online or were just stuck in their own ways. If businesses need any reason to not be stuck in the past and old ways because that’s what they’re used to, the current situation is that reason.    

The pandemic the world is currently facing is horrible, but there is one thing for sure, and that is the rise in online retail and social media marketing. Businesses need to realize quickly that if they don’t adapt and get an online presence, they may be forced to close. This pandemic has also brought on one of the biggest obstacles for Ecommerce Marketing Agency. That obstacle is fear and the inability to accept change

Businesses are scared to invest in the future because (1) they may not have the money because of the financial hardships of the pandemic, (2) they don’t want to adapt to change, and (3) they’re scared to do something new and comfortable with what they currently have. However with the power of social media and going viral, businesses can take advantage of this time. It’s important for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity right now, but they need to attack this head-on and trust the trend that’s been happening for the past 5 years.

As for what is next for Steven Ridzyowksi, he has big plans in the works, including a partnership with All Done Consulting (ADC), whose founder is Ryan Morgan. Ryan Morgan is an industry leader among top business brokers. His company All Done Consulting specializes in lead generation and sales funnel for online businesses. 

This partnership between All Done Consulting and Ecommerce Marketing Agency plans to provide clients and brick-and-mortar businesses with the best quality of a turnkey ecommerce service. ADC and EMA both have proven results across multiple online retail stores built on product trends throughout the years. They have the ability to follow trends and create product funnels across hundreds of different products while dialing in the right demographics to target. Doing this allows their business and their clients stores to continually sell no matter the time of year or season.

Steven’s agency, along with Ryan’s, is what fills the void to take online retail stores to the next level. This partnership will allow future clients and businesses to start and grow among these difficult times. To follow along Steven’s journey in business and future ventures, follow him on Instagram.

DMN8 Partners Allows Entrepreneurs to Excel Within the Digital Market

Home service businesses compose a niche in the industry that is not exempted from bringing their businesses to the online space. Like other establishments, these enterprises also need to create an online presence in order to attract today’s customers who have turned to the Internet to search for information about companies that can cater to their needs.

However, Gary Geiman has observed that numerous home service business owners do not often get the service they need to grow and promote their business. They are left with no financial results even while their wallets have been dented. This issue led him to establish DMN8 Partners, an agency that specializes in growing Home Service Businesses online footprint. 

As the founder and managing director of DMN8 Partners, Gary is responsible for translating the company’s vision into reality. This vision revolves around enabling success for companies that serve homeowners and commercial property owners, such as those offering pressure washing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, HVAC, junk removal, plumbing, asphalt sealing, and more. With Gary’s track record of scaling his own home service venture to a seven-figure entity within the first five years, he is able to guide DMN8 Partners in its provision of digital marketing strategies.

Capitalizing on the same problem-solving and marketing techniques that have allowed Gary to become a business mogul, DMN8 Partners takes pride in its ability to lead business owners toward the summit of their industry. At its core, this reputable agency utilizes different channels, from Google and Facebook to email marketing and search engine optimization, to bring a client’s business, service, and message right at the grasp of their potential customers. 

By using a myriad of tools to dominate local SEO, Google Maps ranking, and social media, DMN8 Partners has increased the online visibility of their clients, establishing their virtual presence and connecting them to interested customers. And so far, it boasts over a hundred satisfied clients, a success rate not found anywhere else in the marketing space when it comes to home service business. 

As an authority in digital marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media management, DMN8 Partners rely on its comprehensive inventory of marketing strategies to help businesses generate leads, find new customers, and grow their market share. Moreover, powered by the years of experience of its competent staff, it provides proven solutions at an affordable cost. 

DMN8 Partners does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions. It considers the needs of its clients before crafting a personalized marketing strategy guaranteed to achieve business results. Furthermore, it stands out among a sea of competitors because of their provision of a DIY option to new business owners and complete digital marketing management services to established entrepreneurs. Regardless of the scale of the offering, they all allow clients to harness the competency DMN8 Partners holds in the field of digital marketing. 

Currently, this provider of home service business marketing is rolling out a Google Maps ranking service that will enable it to help enterprise owners get to the top of Google Maps results and expand their brand reach. And in the coming years, DMN8 Partners hopes to assist hundreds of service ventures in achieving their desired success. 

Know more about DMN8 Partners by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez: Refugee Turned Lawyer

Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez is one of the top names in Virginia law, specifically in the field of personal injury law. The Venezuela-born lawyer has gone through several ups and downs to get to the peak of his practice.

Dagoberto Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He attended Universidad Santa Maria, Escuela de Derecho, in Caracas, where he graduated with a degree in law. Following the crisis in Venezuela, he decided to flee the country and move to the United States in October 2001. To support himself and his dreams of becoming a lawyer in the US, he had to get a job while attending ESL classes. He found work in the construction industry but never lost sight of his ultimate goal—becoming a lawyer.

As a law student in the US, Dagoberto Rodriguez faced many deterrents in his journey. He struggled to support himself and to learn the foreign language that he had to adapt to. On top of this, many believed he would never make his lofty goal and found no shame in explicitly expressing such sentiments. Despite it all, he was convinced of his dream. 

His problems doubled when he got into a serious car accident while on his way to work. He had no medical insurance or money to receive the medical treatment he needed. The insurance company of the driver at fault was quick to take advantage of his lowly situation. He ended up having to pay for the insurance deductible on his rental vehicle as well as the deductible for repairs of his car. Dagoberto Rodriguez needed to work even harder.

Later in law school, he learned about the important role of personal injury lawyers. He learned about the rights of victims of negligent parties to receive compensation for their injuries. Though he felt sorry for himself for not knowing sooner, he realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life as a lawyer—help people in personal injury law.

He graduated with his Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law. He also earned his master of laws from American University.

Following his graduation from law school, Dagoberto Rodriguez worked with fellow immigrants. He became a partner at another firm, where he felt comfortable as a lawyer. He was bringing in good money to support himself and his family, and he had multiple associates and many staff members. Unfortunately, that firm decided to completely shift its field of the law.

Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez was faced with a great decision: to stay with his current firm and explore a field of law he felt no connection with or start his own firm?

In the end, he decided to establish his own firm, an expensive and risky decision. He established Rodriguez Law Firm. Fortunately, he has found the experience to be rewarding and profoundly fulfilling. Creating his own firm has given him tremendous growth, both as a professional and as a business person. Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez found that it pays to follow one’s heart and to not let fear make the decisions that one must make.

Since then, Rodriguez Law Firm has gained a reputation for success in northern Virginia and the DC metro area. The firm is famous for its bilingual staff and lawyers, who are fluent in both Español & English. Rodriguez Law Firm consistently provides reliable legal services. Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez is looking forward to expanding beyond the DMV in the future.

Read more about the Rodriguez Law Firm on its website.