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Rising Star Emoedagreat Talks About Believing in Oneself and Making Things Happen

One of the hallmarks of greatness and excellence is the courage to believe in one’s abilities and skills. Self-belief is the lynchpin of exceptional performance, allowing people to unleash the best versions of themselves. In other words, the most contributing factor to achieving something is faith in oneself. 

As someone who was never afraid to dream big and tell himself that he would make it, Eric Lattimore, also known as Emoedagreat, shares that if it were not for his well-grounded self-confidence, he would not be the esteemed artist he is regarded for today. 

Hailing from the town of Gaffney in South Carolina, Emoedagreat moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career and feed his hunger for music. And having achieved a partnership with YouTube and Facebook this year, the hot-shot proves that he has what it takes to send big waves in the entertainment business. 

Independently creating a path as he makes his way to the top, Emoedagreat has been doing his own marketing gigs and ad campaigns to reach millions of people daily. And just recently, he has dropped his first solo singles, including No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up. He is also keeping his fans up on their toes with a classic, called My Go that will be coming out on the 15th of August this year. 

On top of those hits, he looks forward to shocking the world with his upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, bound for release in January 2021. 

With a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, Emoedagreat creates music that is off the charts. And in an interview, the rising star declared that he wants to be the first artist to have a number-one hit in every genre. He also said that he wants to show everyone that there are no limits on what he can do. 

But aside from taking the music industry by storm, Emoedagreat is also trying to leave his mark in the world of entertainment by going after his dream of becoming an actor. And in line with fulfilling this vision, he is now creating his own short films, TikTok clips, and other skits. Moreover, his label, Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG), will also be launching in January 2021. 

Emoedagreat’s path to success was anything but smooth sailing. If anything, his journey was one that was bouldered with stumbling blocks and obstacles such as negativity, discouragements from naysayers, and many more. But because Emoedagreat believed that his dreams were bigger than all the hurdles coming his way, he rose above them and fulfilled his aspirations. 

With everything that Emoedagreat has accomplished, it is safe to say that self-belief is what differentiates successful people from those who are struggling to come through. To put themselves on the track to greatness and excellence, they must understand that it does not matter how big or ridiculous their dreams are as long as they keep their souls and passion alive. 

At the core of self-belief is realizing that people are the drivers of their own success. And according to Emoedagreat, believing in oneself is not about uninterrupted feats. Instead, it is about finding the inner strength to embrace challenges and take on the world. 

To know more about Emoedagreat, you may head on to his website, visit his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter

How Winchester Hopkins Is Helping and Educating People About Credit Through Perfect Score Club

Credit is defined as a contractual agreement that sees a borrower receive something of value with the understanding that they will repay the lender late, often with interest. While this may seem easy to understand, credit and credit scores are more complicated than you’d think. Just ask Winchester Hopkins.

Winchester was able to hold a perfect credit score and began to cosign for people, often lending so they could purchase material things like phones and even cars. One day, he found that repossessions started hitting his credit.

Unpaid phone bills and his medical bills saw his credit score drop to 472. He felt no way out as he couldn’t get approved for a pen on layaway at the time, he stated. He turned to several credit repair companies that all turned up with hardly any results. 

Because he still had no idea what credit was about, Winchester began to do some research and learn about them. He wrote a few letters and added 15k in guaranteed credit that he would later teach at Perfect Score Club. This resulted in getting him a 300 point jump across three credit agencies.

The result had Winchester smiling again, and one month later, he began helping out his friends and family. This time, he was prepared. The research had paid off, and Winchester was confident that he would not repeat the same costly mistakes. Rather than keeping his newfound knowledge to himself, he created Perfect Score Club.

Perfect Score Club is similar to many credit writing companies but also different in their own unique ways. Because of Winchester’s past experiences, he makes sure that the one-on-one coaching sessions don’t just help their clients with their credit problems, but also have a clear and concise understanding of how credit works. 

They also offer a world-class audit, immediately breaking down credit and how credit works. Perfect Score Club offers Zoom training sessions on credit, including the immediate do’s and don’ts, to help keep their client’s credit history clean and stable. Winchester also employs mortgage brokers, car salespeople, and loan officers to give their clients the edge that they need to advance their family’s way of life.

Winchester understands the importance of family. So he provides thousands worth of value at an affordable rate, ensuring that it does not take food off the table for their clients who are struggling financially. If a financial issue occurs in the monthly bill, Perfect Score Club doesn’t suspend their subscription. 

They are wholly committed to empowering families with finances and credit knowledge. To help them, Perfect Score Club covers financial obstacles such as medical bills, school loans, bankruptcies, tax liens, evictions, reposts, utility bills, etc. 

It is part of their mission to use programs that help create family legacies and get rid of poverty. Winchester hopes to see his project launch in several other countries, building partnerships with estate firms in the country to help Perfect Score Club grow.

To know more about Perfect Score Club, you may visit their website. You may also connect with Winchester Hopkins on LinkedIn.