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Logistics and Sourcing Company Helping Nations Fight COVID-19

The unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has effectively paralyzed global economies and various industries. Yet even with the massive hit the global economy has taken due to nation-mandated lockdowns, some companies are rising to the challenge and playing a role in the fight against COVID-19 by finding solutions to the world’s most crucial pain points.

One such company is the Fast Response Unit, a company that responds to some of today’s most urgent needs. As masters of sourcing and logistics, the company uses its competency and expertise to help source essentials, medical equipment, and protective gear for private and public institutions.

Fast Response Unit is a group of companies with locations and operations in countries like China, the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. They focus heavily on providing services in professional sourcing, quality control, customs clearance, and port maneuvers. Today, they are among the leading companies in the race to provide governments, medical institutions, and private corporations with access to healthcare-related essentials.

The sourcing group has built an extensive network of partners, which includes factories and manufacturing companies. Fast Response’s reliable network has allowed them access to products and services, including PPEs, masks, and other protective gear. Moreover, their network of customs agents, air and sea logistics providers, executive and political consultants, and quality inspection teams helps them make moving these products with lesser friction and lower fulfillment cost, further making their prices more competitive. 

The company Fast Response Unit also plays a significant role throughout Latin America. Its efforts have been substantial in providing massive shipments of IgG/IgM Test Kit COVID-19 test kits all over the region. Their connections to direct suppliers and official distributors of these kits allow them to provide clients access to inexpensive testing kits. Latin America has been hit hard by mass contagions, in large part because of the lack of testing. These factors make the Fast Response Unit’s role in the fight against the worldwide pandemic a highly crucial one. 

Part of Fast Response Unit’s directorial team is Gunther Gabbert, Ricardo Gomez, Fabian Gonzalez, Dario Sotomayor, and Josue Roman. To the team behind one of the most reliable sourcing companies today, this initiative to move medical essentials is more than just a business venture. It’s their way of playing their part to help save lives and rescue the world from the crisis that continues to claim more lives and destroy our economies. Their team of experts works around the clock to ensure that the fulfillment of products is always on time and that the quality of products passes through the strictest standards of excellence.

When the COVID-19 crisis first blew up, some individuals and companies moved to make quick money by hoarding and driving up prices of PPEs, masks, alcohol, and test kits. This wrong move became a driving force for the team at Fast Response Unit to work hard to source products from direct suppliers, allowing them to price their products more fairly for stakeholders. 

As the fight against coronavirus rages on, Fast Response Unit has committed itself to provide swift action and reliable sourcing to those who need it most. Visit Fast Response Unit’s website and Facebook page to learn more.

Lito Jordan Champions Independence with His Music and Record Company

Musician and entrepreneur Lito Jordan discovered how empowering it is for him to take control over his own life and destiny. “There is something about owning your own thing that gives you a different level of perspective and integrity,” says Lito. His mission is to influence others to manifest their desired reality and chase after their dreams.

The recording artist from Chicago, Illinois, uses his music as his primary tool in sharing with urban America the power of ownership. People with day to day struggles, which includes just about everyone, will easily relate to his songs. Lito comes from a place of truth when he creates music. His humble yet expressive musicality combines profound substance with a unique style. Lito’s organic yet powerful delivery of his music always causes listeners to be pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of his process, Lito explains that he speaks for his neighborhood. From song inception to performance, Lito visualizes everyday people who work hard to make something for themselves. This acute awareness of the collective human pursuit allows him to project his struggles and aspirations to his listeners. At the same time, his professionalism, the sound of his music, and his overall talent are on par with mainstream artists. This unique combination of qualities makes Lito one to watch out for.

It saddens Lito to observe that his fellow artists are told what to do, what to say, and what not to say. He is concerned with the fact that rappers signed to labels all sound the same. The loss of sovereignty is a struggle that he is intimately familiar with. Earlier in his life, he worked in numerous jobs for other people. This experience acquainted him with the challenges of working without passion.

Examining his options more carefully, Lito decided to create his own platform where he can express himself with authenticity. He founded Family Over Everything Records to cultivate his sense of self-sustainability, independence, and entrepreneurship. Today, Family Over Everything is one of the biggest record companies in the industry. He is making the most of his power to say and do what he wants when he wants to, and in whatever way he desires. Lito has successfully maximized his platform to speak on what is going on in the world, his views, and his life.

Allowing himself to be retrospective, Lito admits that growth brings with it some discomfort. However, he never allowed himself to give in to the self-imposed limitations and fears. His journey has helped him develop the strength and courage to outgrow people and places.

Lito Jordan hopes that all who will listen to his music and hear of his story will learn that people can attain whatever vision they have for themselves. His experiences have taught him that with dedication and passion, anyone can live a life worth having. It will require hard work, but all will eventually realize the person they are meant to become.

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Angela White Teaches Aspiring Artists the Ins and Outs of a Tough Industry

Standing behind the gleaming glitz and glamor that the movie industry displays is a formidable wall that is hard to break into. And because of the blinding allure that it holds, most people blast right through it unarmed and unequipped. 

As someone who knows more about the industry than anyone, Angela White explains that although making it big is difficult, it is not as impossible as it seems. She adds that with the right blend of persistence and passion, one will survive the seemingly insurmountable mountain of trials and rise on top of it as well. 

Known for her exceptional works as a film and television producer, Angela has also gained recognition for being an educator who teaches aspiring individuals the dos and don’ts in the realm of entertainment. Clothing her students with the necessary skills to conquer a fierce battlefield, she tells profound stories from a multicultural perspective that impacts others in a striking and meaningful manner. 

Angela graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware and another degree in Master of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University. After that, she obtained a Juris Doctorate from the New York Law School. But instead of turning into the lawyer, everyone expected her to be, she took a detour and became a manager for comedians, such as JB Smoove, in Hollywood. 

With an unconventional mix of educational and professional background, Angela was able to kick off her career in producing and managing comedy shows. From there, she took her chance and emerged as the series creator and executive producer of The Comedy Underground Series, one of the first original comedy stand-up shows from RLJ Entertainment, which is now known as the Urban Movie Channel. 

Today, Angela is taking the reins on her own production company, Silver Lining Entertainment, which produces a wide array of films and television series. On top of that, the company holds an educational platform, known as Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, that provides business strategy, coaching, mentorship, and online courses. 

Through the said avenue, she teaches others her tips and tricks on thriving in the entertainment business, such as building more revenue and other useful business know-how to enhance career opportunities. The show also features experts and inspiring entertainment professionals every month to discuss their backgrounds, journeys, and humble beginnings.

In addition, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry is currently preparing to start shooting another project under the “Producer’s Bootcamp” course. 

Since Angela is always up on her toes for new ventures, it comes as no surprise that she has a truckload of projects in the works. And just recently, she released a book entitled “The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel.”

Moreover, Angela also launched Dreamers with Purpose, which is a non-profit organization that assists people of color, women, and those who are financially disadvantaged. In line with this, she became the first African American woman to produce and own a production company that released a theatrically faith-based film called “A Question of Faith.” 

Having made her mark in the star-studded world, Angela challenged herself to write off the overarching narrative that landing a spot therein is unobtainable. Because while it is true that the path to success is bouldered with obstacles, it is also true that a person’s strength and courage will help them get through anything. 

With her wide-ranging expertise and solid experience, Angela encourages dreamers and all other driven individuals to step into their light and shine as bright as the stars. 

To know more about Angela White and her educational platform, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, you may visit their website

David Anthony Schroeder on the Use of CBD as a Reliever for Chronic Pain

More often than not, the talk of Marijuana in most parts of the world rings with it a negative connotation. While some automatically turn their heads away from the seemingly controversial plant, others who are more accepting of its health benefits welcome Cannabis, Hemp, and Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, with an open mind.

As a physical attestation of the wonders of the Cannabis and Hemp plants, David Anthony Schroeder knows how powerful and life-changing these plants can be. Being a person who has struggled in alleviating his bodily pains for three-quarters of his life, David was amazed and surprised at the same time when relief came in the form of a Hemp-based CBD pain stick. But to his delight, it would change the course of his life and point him into the direction of helping other chronic pain sufferers.

But before David could share his pain relief discovery with the world, he had to go through a few detours just to get to where he presently stands.

Hailing from the stomping ground of the infamous Harry Houdini, Appleton, Wisconsin, was considered as both the home and the place where it all began for David Schroeder. Born with an excessive amount of energy trapped within his body, David spent most of his childhood and early adult years consumed with hyperactivity, the condition that had doctors put him on Ritalin at a very young age. Despite being under stimulant medication, David’s body still burst with frequent bouts of energy and he needed high-octane activities to release it. Because of this, he suffered many injuries along the way, which steered him towards a life struggling with chronic pain.

Determined to win the fight against the pain, David set out to find the perfect remedy for his woes from within. David tried a myriad of medications, but none of them work satisfactorily. So when David was given a CBD pain stick, he found almost immediate relief from using his newfound medication. Thrilled with this discovery, David wanted to know more about CBD and subsequently share his trial-and-error encounters with the world.

As he waded deep into the realms of CBD, David saw these plants to be an effective and non-addictive pain management tool. However, these miraculous vessels often slandered as being bad, are considered to have no medicinal value, so they are highly regulated by the federal government. Nonetheless, people still endeavor to acquire these medical plants because of the rising issue of chronic pain and opioid addiction.

With this in mind, David thought it best to provide an avenue for the world to learn and become aware of the benefits of CBD. Through his ability to translate his thoughts into words, David wrote a book on his healing journey towards a pain-free life with CBD entitled “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD.” The compendium offers a comprehensive explainer on everything about the plant and the health benefits that come with it. Moreover, it includes the only comprehensive CBD buying checklist for users and readers on how to acquire high-quality CBD.

“When people fail to open their minds to things that are unknown or unfamiliar, they often miss the good that might come out of it.” 

David Anthony Schroeder

For David, it was one of the best decisions of his life. Through his book, “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD,” he hopes to spread awareness to the unsung benefits of this highly effective natural pain management treatment.

Follow David’s journey by visiting his website or find out what he is posting about on Linkedin. His book can be picked up at these online retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.

Ahaumna Helps People Be Grounded Despite All the Trials and Tribulations in Life

People from all walks of life take different roads as they grow. Each one’s journey is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes it may feel draining and confusing. Some go on hiatus from social media, and others go soul searching in some deserted place, Ahaumna, an author, keynote speaker, and a founder of her own company at the age of 27, aims to get people to go back to their roots. 

Ahaumna is no stranger when it comes to struggles and hardships. One day, she decided to let go of most of her worldly possessions, such as the two-bedroom apartment she had in Los Angeles. She even let go of the part-time job that she had after college. Ahaumna decided to live in her car and drive around to visit different communities in the United States. She wanted to be immersed in different cultures and have first-hand experience with it. 

Ever since Ahaumna was a young girl, around 11 years of age, she has been deeply connected to her spirituality. At such a young age, she started delving into topics about spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics. Unlike other people who lose their passion as they age, Ahaumna embraced her passion and harnessed it in ways she can. Currently, she is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology and advanced degrees in Metaphysics. In addition to that, she is a certified yoga instructor and ordained minister. Ahaumna did not stop there, and she expanded her knowledge by learning neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, neuroscience, and keylontic science. 

Ahaumna’s experiences and acquired learning help her pursue her passion for helping others. In her immersion with different communities, she helped people heal and process unresolved traumas. Ahaumna emphasizes the importance of going back to people’s roots by accepting and letting go of experiences that caused most people to be detached from their true selves. 

Ahaumna decided to use the power of words through writing and speaking to make people feel better. She authored a book, Creator Consciousness, formulated online programs, and transformational retreats for her love for helping people. Aside from words, she uses advanced energy technologies that would guide her clients to enter the quantum field and, in turn, hasten their healing in a matter of days, unlike other programs wherein people need to stick to a program for months or even years. 

Ahaumna is a firm believer of effortless natural destinies. In her years of experience, she learned that working hard is not the key to success in life, it is by not trying so hard to fit a mold this society is trying to cage everyone in. According to Ahaumna, her methods are not like other cookie-cutter methods or a one-size-fits-all approach. She acknowledges that everyone is built uniquely, and there is greatness in this. Ahaumna wants to enlighten people on accepting and loving one’s true self; one’s roots will lead to a better and happier self. 

On August 30, 2020, she will be releasing a new program called Unfuck Your Mind. This program is a four-hour event available worldwide, which serves to provide clarity and ground for people who feel lost because of the chaos this COVID-19 pandemic brings. 

To start a path back to one’s roots, to know more about her programs, and to see feedback from her clients such as Katie Hamilton and Seth Bunting, visit her official website

The Power Within: Kashon Abdul-Qadir Brings Healing With The Abundant Me

Acknowledging our weaknesses is often seen as letting our guards down and being powerless. However, most of us do not realize that it is only by embracing our shortcomings and fragile nature that we can be truly powerful. 

As someone who has had her fair share of humbling experiences, Kashon Abdul-Qadir explains that there should be absolutely no shame in feeling vulnerable. If anything, it is part of being human and is therefore necessary to grasp one’s full potential and discover one’s life purpose. 

Having realized this, Kashon took it upon herself to create an avenue to help people become the best versions of themselves and live the life they have always dreamed of. And breathing life into her purpose-driven vision, she built The Abundant Me, which is geared towards healing and self-development. 

Aiming to provide women affordable access to the tools needed for spiritual and personal development, Kashon made it her mission to become an impetus for positive change and holistic transformation. And today, The Abundant Me stands as a platform that strives to foster a meaningful life anchored in bringing harmony and ease even in the face of turbulent times. 

Although Kashon is now hailed as a beacon of strength and hope, there was a point in her life when she felt lost, hopeless, depressed, and defeated. At that time, she was battling lupus, drowning in unhealthy relationships, and struggling with being a single mother. And as she was trying to make ends meet for her and her family, she realized that she was neglecting the most important relationship of all – the one with her divine self. 

Stumbling upon that realization, Kashon placed spirituality at the forefront of her life and empowered herself in ways she could never have imagined. And having shifted her mindset, she was finally able to step into her light and reclaim her strength. 

After spending the last six years on her overall development, Kashon has trained under the wings of master teachers in Reiki, Kundalini, Feminine Essence, Inner Bonding, and many more. She desires to provide those who are ready to receive the same tools, knowledge, and teachings she has learned along her journey.

Upholding the idea of turning powerless individuals into their powerful selves, Kashon utilizes her talents as a Reiki master to bring joy to women by helping them navigate and own their feminine energy. And channeling the energy within her, she works hard to heal womb trauma and give women the happiness they deserve. 

As can be gleaned from Kashon’s healing journey, the only way to overcome pain and hurt is not by running away from them but by going through them. The healing advocate also shares that burying pent-up emotions can only lead one to explode and shatter the delicate balance of inner peace and strength. 

Thus, Kashon encourages everyone to take heed of the call of courage and move forward with healing and self-fulfillment. And together with other like-minded individuals in The Abundant Me community, she spreads hope, love, and peace.  

To know more about Kashon Abdul-Qadir and The Abundant Me, you may head on to their website

Why Self Made Millionaire Tyrus Rashod Brown (Tuck) Wants to Promote Financial Education

Entrepreneur “Tuck” has taken it upon himself to help people achieve financial freedom. As a business owner, he noticed that despite new-age education systems, youth often suffer from a lack of direction, and adults suffer from a lack of adequate financial education. These gaps in the system are what the Memphis native aims to fill throughout his career.

Tuck has spent much of his career, creating a system of educational business platforms to help people lift themselves out of hardship through the Independent Course online. Tuck has shared his knowledge in seminars, workshops, and other engagements for thousands of people. Now, he is set to dominate the virtual world to reach a larger audience.

Tyrus R Brown has proven his business acumen many times over in his career. Recently, he grew over $1.4 million in net profit in three months by trading stocks, flipping real estate properties, and taking in consultation inquiries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has conducted business all over the Mid-South and owns nearly ten commercial stores.

Tuck first broke through the business world with the incredibly highly rated system on his website, where he repairs credit and funds businesses, providing a tradeline primaries service. He is always finding ways to expand his range of services. He now also helps his clients file their taxes and invest in new opportunities and investments to help them create their wealth.

Through his educational system, he has helped people become entrepreneurs and fix their own credit and taxes. He goes so far as to help them buy land as assistance and then flip it to make a profit. His focus is on teaching people how to be self-sufficient, either through stock trading, forex trading, or learning financial freedom with different tools.

Through his self-established Unlearn and Relearn Movement, he teaches people about financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business. His movement has led to thousands of people becoming educated on important life skills and achieving their goals, especially financial freedom.

He went viral online shortly after and took advantage of this by growing his social media presence. He has reached over 70,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 on Facebook. His expertise has caught the attention of rap star Drake, who reached out to him on Instagram. He has been featured several times on radio shows and has been interviewed for different platforms such as Fox 13 News, WMC Action News 5, WLBT 3 News, Local 24 News, and more.

Tuck is the author of the bestselling series, The Game Untold. His latest book is The Game Untold: Art of a Self-Made Millionaire, which talks over real-world scenarios and teaches finances, small-business ownership, and more. This book quickly sold out after the first 8,000 copies.

Tuck Brown hopes that he can leave a legacy of self-love, self-awareness, self-education, and self-preservation through the systems he has created, especially for the black community. His long-term goal is to help other black men elevate their minds, inspire them, and shape them into the men that they were destined to be.

Know more about him on Instagram.