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Montae Harris Celebrates Stories of Success in His New Podcast

Professional basketball player Montae Harris turns to podcasting to share inspiring and meaningful stories of success. Together with his guests who come from diverse backgrounds, he hopes to provide necessary guidance to the rising generation.

The first thing one notices about Montae Harris is his love for basketball. In an introductory video he recently uploaded on YouTube, he says, “Basketball brings the best about you: the competition, the challenges. Everything about basketball makes you a better person. It gives you that hunger to go out and get what you want in life.”

Montae, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, played collegiate basketball for Grace Christian University. After his four years in college, he went on to play his beloved sport professionally for the Basquet Benicario club in Spain. His basketball career was gaining momentum fast. Unfortunately, he got injured the following year.

The sudden interruption in his life gave Montae an opportunity to reevaluate his life. In particular, he reflected deeply on other pursuits he can channel his energy into besides basketball. From an idea that was initially planted in his mind by his mother and a friend, he decided to start his podcast.

What Does It Take? is the name of Montae’s podcast. This striking question also provides the main goal and the direction for the discussions in each episode. With the question “What does it take?” Montae inquires his guests, his audience, and himself about what it takes to be successful and create a platform for oneself. Ultimately, his purpose is to give back and create an avenue through which his guests can share stories of success to inspire those who need it.

His podcast covers a wide range of topics, including sports, politics, activism, music, and many more. Montae hopes for everyone in his podcast to open up and freely share their stories. Montae’s greatest strength as a podcaster is his ability to initiate and maintain real conversations. The discussions on his show are more than interviews; they are, in fact, very organic.  

In the first episode of What Does It Take?, for example, Montae converses naturally with professional coach Scotty Mason. They begin with a discussion on police brutality, systemic racism, and the recent protests. Montae was masterful in navigating such a heavy dialogue with a tone that was more casual and relatable. Regardless of the specific subject of the conversation, he can highlight the universality of the human struggle and experience. Listeners will find the honesty refreshing and engaging. His audience will find hope and inspiration from hearing about the collective goodness of the human family.

Looking back on how he has established his brand, Montae recognizes the lifelong journey that he is on. He shares that he grew up looking for answers on how to be successful. He knows that many can benefit from the guidance that his podcast offers. He sees it as a way to help others avoid the mistakes that he committed.

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The Beauty Within: Courtney Yeager Takes Lymphatic Health to the Next Level With The Tox LA

Perceptions about beauty have significantly evolved throughout the years. Even today, its aspects and standards continue to vary considerably. But despite the evolutive nature of beauty, one thing remains to be an epitome thereof – good health. 

The thing is, healthy people are the ones who appear to be the most beautiful. According to Courtney Yeager, the owner of The Tox LA, when one feels good inside, they are bound to look good on the outside as well. True enough, nothing can compare to the beauty that emanates from within. 

One way of keeping the body healthy is to cleanse it from the toxins that build up over time. And as an expert in wellness, Courtney knows that the system in charge of getting rid of any unwanted waste is the lymphatic system. Thus, she took it upon herself to create a platform that is grounded on keeping the lymphatic system up and running to achieve optimum well-being. 

Juggling the challenging roles of being a serial entrepreneur and a devoted mother, Courtney was in the search for a natural detox method to regulate her digestive system. And after spending some time doing thorough research, she found that the lymphatic system is very understudied and underrated in the United States. Because of this, she decided to bring lymphatic health awareness to the masses through her innovation, The Tox Technique. 

The said technique detoxifies the body and improves health while making sure that the lymphatic system is in top shape. And by getting rid of excess water retention, The Tox Technique gives the body an overall leaner look. Additionally, it also gives a boost to the immune system, regulates the digestive system, and gives the body the healthy reset it needs. 

Because of The Tox Technique’s holistic health properties, it is no wonder that The Tox LA has become a celebrity hotspot. 

Having its roots in Los Angeles, The Tox LA branched out to Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and The Bay Area. And although it is only offered in four locations, Courtney has been eyeing on expanding as soon as possible. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic set in, she initially planned on opening ten additional locations this year. But with delays taking place due to the global crisis, she postponed the expansion to the later part of 2020 and the early months of 2021.

With the always-on-the-go culture of this day and age, people spend longer hours immersing themselves in work and other hectic tasks. And since stress can be detrimental to one’s health, Courtney explains that every once in a while, it is vital to give the body a time to breathe and release harmful substances. In this sense, detoxifying proves to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. 

By striking the right balance between looking good and feeling good, Courtney believes that The Tox LA can spark a kind of beauty that stands the test of time. Indeed, being healthy is beautiful. 

To know more about Courtney Yeager and The Tox LA, you may head on to their website

King Burt on Living the Double Life of a Musician and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down countless industries and companies. But some people are making the most of these unprecedented times by launching their passion projects and working on their oft-neglected skills and talents. Founder and CEO of Inspire Vibes, Burton Baloubi, a.k.a. King Burt, is not only the assistant vice president for a major corporation but also a rising pop, rap, country, and hip-hop star.

King Burt has diligently dedicated his free time to commit to his lifelong dream of becoming an artist fully. King Burt is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the music industry. In the short time since he entered the game, he has been well applauded for his realness and creativity. He has released several hot tracks that have recently blown up and are on their way to becoming mainstream hit singles—“Price Tag,” “Hugh Hefner,” and “Country Girl.”

King Burt prides himself on having an unusual yet electrifying vibe, and he is genuinely unafraid to state what’s at the forefront of his thoughts. He is focused on staying true to his upbringing and maintaining an authentic presence. The attention his music has brought him has not changed his disposition and who he is as an individual. King Burt is determined to make music in the same manner that he always has, and he will carry on with his life the way that he needs to live. One of his guiding principles is to never change for anybody.

The up-and-coming artist is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, and attended Garner Magnet High School—coincidentally the same high school that American Idol winner Scotty McCreery attended. However, King Burt’s style doesn’t sound like typical North Carolina music—or like any kind of sound, for that matter. His extraordinary style is something that is unique to the US market and has never been heard before. His capacity to create such unique vibes is what separates him from other artists, both mainstream and independent.

King Burt prides himself on being able to live two separate lifestyles and still be a genuine person. When he’s in his suit and tie, he assumes the mentality of a businessman and CEO of his own company. His youth doesn’t stop him from making profitable decisions for his company. When he’s King Burt, he is able to transform into a rockstar that makes fire music. Not even his fans are able to recognize that it’s corporate mastermind Burton Baloubi.

His life experiences are what motivated him to try to make himself be exceptional and stand out from the crowd. He strives to become an example to people who have also been in his shoes. His biggest loss was the death of a dear friend who lost their life to suicide. This grief motivated him to make his dreams a reality because he realized that life shows no one mercy.

King Burt sees himself making music on a bigger scale so that he can have the privilege of being able to touch thousands of lives through his creativity.

Check out King Burt’s adventures on Instagram.

Sourcing and Distribution Authority Fast Response Unit Provides Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Admittedly, some business institutions have rightfully deserved the atrocious reputation they have earned for stepping over everything in their pursuit of financial gains. And while it has never been an industry standard to take advantage of customers in need, it has become quite normal for these ventures to bite the hand that feeds them by delivering substandard products and slapping overpriced tags over their goods. 

In times of crisis — the recent COVID-19 outbreak, for example — one of the most common issues that crop up is price gouging, and this act of charging excessive prices for necessities when demand is high and supply low is a form of misconduct that Fast Response Unit vehemently stands against. 

Observance of moral practices and provision of services to those in need lies at the core of this conglomerate. Fast Response Unit is made up of different institutions from various countries, such as China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. With the companies integrated with each other, they are able to deliver solutions to today’s pressing needs.

Fast Response Unit is proud of its diverse members, which includes factories, customs agents, manufacturing companies, air, and sea logistics, executive and political consultants, quality inspection teams, and more.  It is led by some of the most competent figures in the industry, namely Gunter Gabbert, Ricardo Gomez, Fabian Gonzalez, Dario Sotomayor, and Josue Roman.

As an authorized distributor, this believer in the power of collective effort specializes in fulfilling orders to governments, hospitals, and clinics, among other institutions. With its no intermediaries and no ridiculous prices rule, it has provided fast solutions to everyday challenges by putting into the table only the best of products and the highest quality of services at direct prices. 

The latest challenge that this reliable venture has helped address is the lack of personal protective equipment brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast Response Unit successfully sourced PPEs for large companies and governments around the world to assist them in keeping constituents safe amidst the infectious spread of the virus. 

Currently, Fast Response Unit is lending Latin America a hand in securing large quantities of testing from the most reputable sources and is looking into commodity contracts of goods that would be needed by citizens all over the world after the pandemic. 

The team of experts that comprise the company has been able to lead the company to the top of the sourcing and distribution industry because of its commitment to helping people get what they need when they need it. Fast Response Unit is proving to be an authority in the field also because of the excellence it demonstrates in every step of the distribution process, from the on-time shipping to securing the safe arrival of the goods to their destination. In addition, the company’s staff work around the clock to establish that the products have complied with specific quality control measures. 

Fast Response Unit, which also offers sourcing, inspections, logistics, and customs services, is known for consistently extending efforts to impact communities in positive ways.  And since its establishment, it has assured clients, time and time again, that they are in good hands. 

Know more about the Fast Response Unit by visiting its website.

Dr. Charles Lee Nurtures Leaders with an Honest and Refreshing Approach

Author, motivator, and influencer Dr. S. Charles Lee reframes the role of life challenges as catalysts for positive change and sources of strength with his book Winning Season. He also nurtures the next generation of leaders using the common sense approach of his consultancy firm LeaderOptics, LLC.

Those who know Dr. Lee best refer to him as the “Duke of Leadership Mastery.” They have designated him with such a title because they have learned and benefited from his leadership style. The celebrated leader is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and now resides on the East Coast of the United States. He describes himself as a lover of God, of people, and the arts—a clear indication of how he sees the interconnectedness of life.

As an author and a leader, Dr. Lee exhibits the quality of transparency that people find uncommon and refreshing. For example, he openly shares quippy stories and anecdotes from his own life in his book Winning Season. These help readers see how real-life setbacks are actually opportunities for growth and development. Written in the style of a semi-autobiography, the book guides people toward embracing their truth and reclaiming their purpose in life.

Winning Season is a transformative read in how it shifts people’s perception of pain and difficulty as sources of strength. Those who have read it find themselves driven to keep going in the pursuit of living a better life, one that is centered on learning and winning.

For that very purpose, Dr. Lee hopes for more people to gain access to the powerful truths in Winning Season. At the same time, he continues to look for other avenues to make a positive impact on people from all walks of life. So far, he is making strides in that goal through his management consulting firm LeaderOptics.

LeaderOptics focuses on leadership development—that is, teaching leaders to cultivate other leaders. All the while, they maximize every opportunity to “sharpen the saw” and achieve personal enlightenment. Dr. Lee mentors and coaches both personal and corporate clients. His approach is non-abrasive; instead, he reflectively demonstrates his clients’ best attributes. This reflective process enables his clients to recognize untapped potential and achieve their primary goals.

What drives Dr. Lee’s success is his personal touch, something that is present in both his book and his consulting firm. Previous clients never fail to highlight his ability to go straight to the root of any issue. Because of this, the courses of action that he recommends are easy to follow through and encouraging.

The key to better understanding this inspirational leader is his belief that “we are just people trying to do the best we can. We have to understand that we are placed here on earth to help and nurture each other.” It is no surprise that Dr. Lee is giving his all in assisting others in fulfilling their destiny.

Please visit Dr. Lee’s website to learn more about his book and discover how to achieve a bountiful life.

Successful Businesswoman, Tracilea Young Ventures Into Greener Pastures With CBD Products by Green Compass Global

Throughout her life, Tracilea Young had always been determined to succeed. Mindful motivation seemed like second nature to her, and her life experiences have molded her into becoming a massive success in the business industry. Young is the mother of eight children, all of whom she personally homeschooled for seventeen years. She was a mother to her children, all while working on her network marketing business part-time, putting herself through school to be a midwife, and also making the million-dollar earner club.

Young has indeed become the modern standard of American success, possessing not only knowledge and experience, but also the passion and drive to expand and scale her business into million-dollar companies. To this day, she continues to help others through her passion and devotion to her craft. She earned the title of president of a large plastic surgery and medical spa chain. Without a moment’s notice, she successfully built the annual revenue to multiple millions.

Recently, Young has focused her attention on opening a chain of compassionate care medical clinics. She has helped 39,000 people get all the compassionate care they need. During this time, she had also built a solid network of people through her network marketing business part-time. Nowadays, Tracilea Young is keeping herself busy by being the presidential founder and master director at Green Compass, Ltd.

Green Compass is the go-to for high-quality CBD products. Green Compass offers what other CBD companies do not; their products are entirely safe and effective. Most CBD supplies do not provide the safety information of their products in order to sell them. However, Green Compass has taken the extra step and secured a Certificate of Analysis from an ISO17025 certified laboratory to prove the quality and safety of their products. You can check them out here.

Young’s journey into producing CBD began with her family. She has always had a passion for connecting the power of nature with the wellness of her loved ones. Green Compass does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products. Their hemp is organically grown under strict cultivation and sustainability practices.

The Farm Management team over at Green Compass oversees their farms over at North Carolina. They ensure consistent adherence to purity and ethical standards. They also make sure that other Green Compass affiliate farms execute the same standards as them. Hemp is not an easy plant to take care of, especially when done organically. Fortunately, Green Compass takes the challenge head-on and makes sure to provide only the best quality products for its customers.

The Green Compass process excludes any harmful chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Every single day, their plants are meticulously tended to, ensuring that they will grow wide rather than growing high. Their farmers keep the pests away by hand and harvest the crops in a critical and timely manner. Each plant is put under high levels of attention that results in a rich yield of high-quality CBD oil, some of which are USDA Certified Organic.

Tracilea Young and her team over at The Green Compass have really outdone themselves. They are changing the CBD market for the better by providing safe and effective CBD products to consumers all across America. It’s safe to say that there’s nobody doing it better than The Green Compass at the moment.

To learn more about Tracilea Young and all her business ventures, make sure to visit her website.

The Doe: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Today’s internet-connected population has a limitless array of information they can access at their fingertips, creating a population of intentional filtering to process the most important relevant information to an individual. This massive amount of information, however, demands intentional filtering and validation especially as distrust of the media has continually built. The Doe took a different stance from most traditional publications: instead of focusing on news and reporting facts, they focus on what they call “narratives”, the stories from the lives of marginalized voices. This difference allows for them to publish, often marginalized, narratives to spark civil discourse among a generation of echo chambers. 

The Doe is a digital publication that shares anonymous stories that hope to spark valuable civil discourse. In a world filled with customized press releases and beautified life stories, The Doe intends to break the practice by giving justice to the life-altering stories of people from marginalized sectors of society. By providing a platform where people can share their life experiences without fear of being judged or rejected, the reading public is educated about the realities that other sectors face.

Milan Kordestani, the founder of the publication, had one goal in mind when he established The Doe: to challenge the way people engage with new ideas. The unfiltered narratives that are featured each month shed light on an often-ignored reality of some sectors in society. These stories hope to encourage readers to do some introspection and confront their own biases. 

Milan started his own writing path at the young age of 16, as a contributor for the Huffington Post. He understood early-on the power of words and their potential to influence and inspire change where they are needed most. When the platform eventually shut down, Milan lost his avenue and decided to take a break from writing altogether. When he finally decided to start writing again, his outputs were mostly narratives, no longer the articles he was used to making in the past. Milan realized that his personal narratives could have a significant impact on individuals who could relate to his stories or would be interested in hearing experiences from a life and perspective they otherwise do not know about.

From that single realization, Milan conceptualized and planned the making of The Doe. As he has always been an advocate for intelligent civil discourse, he believes that this platform will continue to inspire difficult conversations that will bring about relevant change. Through the digital publication, the young entrepreneur hopes to reach millions of readers all over the world and inspire them to not only read and start their own discourse, but to contribute their own narratives to The Doe.

From the very beginning, Milan made sure that everything about The Doe is innovative—from its content and social media promotion to the revenue strategies. He introduced unique membership options and relevant merchandise. The Doe has a clothing line that is congruent with the publication’s mission. Each item of apparel represents a theme from a featured narrative so that when one wears it, it is not just making a fashion statement. The user is also wearing a story that can still invite a healthy discourse. Beyond the two revenue streams, The Doe also boasts two charitable arms in the form of the Endoement, a monthly donation to 4 charities in which their subscribers vote on the distribution of the sum, and Twitter giveaways rooted in rewarding their audience for fostering civil discourse. 

In doing this, Milan ensures that their published stories live longer than the 20 seconds of fame that is common in this generation. He hopes to encourage meaningful conversations that will open the eyes of many to the harsh realities of people from marginalized sectors. In the end, it is these conversations that will ignite the change the world needs. 

Learn more about The Doe’s initiatives by visiting its website. Follow the publication’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for updates.