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Overcoming a Grim Reality, Zelda Volkov Now Lives Life to the Fullest and Helps Others Do the Same

Many people are fortunate to have grown up with aspirations to become something big. While it may sound ridiculous, there are, in fact, people in the world who take time realizing the skills they have and what they aspire to become. Zelda Volkov was among those people.

Zelda grew up in a close-knit ultra-Orthodox home to Russian immigrant parents. She was raised to be an obedient daughter and, by 19, found herself married. A year into her marriage, she gave birth to a baby girl. In the seven years to follow, she would welcome two more beautiful daughters.

One of the Orthodox traditions that Zelda grew up with was covering her hair once she was married. Many other women used scarves to cover up while others used sheitels or wigs or half-wigs. For the first three years of her marriage, Zelda looked at wigs and saw them as a burden. By 22, she decided to start making her own wigs that resembled her long, wavy blonde hair more closely.

In 2013, she opened Zeldahair in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Her company is a bright wig shop that caters to a younger audience, making it popular and bringing in other Orthodox Jewish women who fly across the country to shop there, occasionally bringing in customers from different parts of the globe. Zelda crafts wig styles that have a wide range, from multicolored mermaid waves to the trendy tousled brunette lobs. 

Despite the popularity of her business, she felt that life made zero sense. Her loveless marriage would result in a divorce. At 27 years old, Zelda still had no clue who she was or what she wanted. She was staring at the world with so much angst. The only life that Zelda knew was how to be the obedient daughter for her parents, a devoted wife to her husband, and a loving mother to her daughters. 

Much like Lily Aldrin in the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Zelda just wanted to run away. While her business was her precious muse, but somehow she couldn’t muster the courage to give it any attention. Zelda turned to a cycle of toxic relationships, partying, drinking, sleeping, and eating. She was under the false impression that this was a life of freedom, but deep down, she knew that misery enslaved her.

To escape the pain, she would turn to instant gratifying pleasure, anything that turned her away from the grim reality she had created.

However, Zelda took the brave decision to change. She went through years of therapy, learning, researching, analyzing, traveling, and soul-searching to find herself. She discovered and created the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. which is her saving grace.

Zelda has since then become a life coach, using her program to help people manage their mind, body, and soul. The program helps people create success in just six weeks with her coaching methodology breaking down limiting beliefs and helping people identify their core purpose. 

Now, Zelda lives her life to the fullest and on her own terms. She manifests her dreams every single day as she works her dream job, meeting incredible people, and traveling the entire world

Zelda currently hosts a podcast on Apple and Spotify called Oh My God, where she has open conversations with people and talks about their struggles as a human being and as an industry leader. It serves as a space where she can have honest and raw conversations with trailblazers about their struggles as human beings first and industry leaders second. Each episode gives their listeners actionable techniques and takeaways that they can implement into their lives.To know more about Zelda, visit her website. You may also follow Zelda on her Instagram account.

NINA MONA Is Not the Average Fashion Company

Nothing feels more liberating than wearing the clothes that you want – clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin – clothes that feel right. This is exactly what NINA MONA stands for.

NINA MONA is a fashion company that stands for equity and inclusion. Their mission is to provide clothing and apparel that is diverse and inclusive, pushing against traditional sizing and aesthetic norms. They aim to provide clothes that make the wearer feel like they can achieve all that they set out to do.

Their brand is all about collaboration and innovation. They work with other artists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with their custom work, creating a community that uplifts and empowers each other. The brand believes in harnessing creativity and passion for delivering the best for its customers.

The NINA MONA team believes that in art, there is no greater competition than the ego. In art, you compete against your own thoughts and emotions. Knowing this, they strive always to be better than before, and to provide the best designs for their market. Even when faced with larger or more established competitors in the clothing industry, they believe there is enough space for anyone who wishes to start a clothing company. They want to show others that dreaming big can get you to a place of success.

Their clothing wants others not just to look like their best selves, but also to inspire others to be their best selves and realize the full potential that they possess. They hope that their brand can help give a voice to other creative souls who feel that they do not have the space to create.

NINA MONA strives to provide a platform for all people, whether they are artists, freelancers, or creatives, to feel that they have a community they can connect with and learn from.

This is what sets them apart from other clothing companies. They are not just a clothing company; they are a community that puts creativity and empowerment at the center of their purpose. It serves a reminder that the situation may not always be perfect, but that does not mean that they should hold back. They hope to showcase to the world how powerful a positive collaboration can be in pushing the boundaries of fashion and artistry. They aim to provide a positive environment for their collaborators and their customers with the clothing that they produce.

NINA MONA proves that a fashion company can also foster meaningful and deep connections with its community of artists and collaborators. They believe in the importance of being an inclusive company, and they welcome all creative individuals who also value collaboration and innovation. They hope to inspire others to take the leap and dream big. Despite fearing competition or possible losses, they hope to be a reminder for people not to lose steam and to keep rising to their fullest potential. Creativity and passion never stop. And Neither does NINA MONA.

For more information on NINA MONA, you may visit the company’s official website.

Supreme Sterile, Corp. Rises Up to the Challenge and Emerges as a Leading Sanitation Provider

Leaving deep and long-standing scars, the COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of the 20th century. Considering its far-reaching consequences, the quarantine measures to prevent the disease’s spread have produced various political, economic, cultural, and social implications. To mitigate and control the infection rate, people have tried to keep their homes, workspaces, and shops clean.

Emanuel Arias, a pre-medical student and up-and-coming surgical resident with a Biological Sciences major, firmly believes cleanliness is insufficient in killing the virus and other dangerous human pathogens. In fulfilling his role during this situation, he founded Supreme Sterile, Corp. to disinfect homes, vehicles, schools, offices, and shops that have been exposed to different viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. 

Promising safe and high-quality sterilization to their clients, he uses the best disinfectant in the industry, according to the CDC, hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This weak acid is formed when chlorine is dissolved in water and allowed to dissociate partially. Being FDA-approved, HOCl does not leave unpleasant smells and sticky surfaces. Furthermore, this all-natural disinfectant is eco-friendly, safe for humans, chemical-free, alcohol-free, non-inflammable, odorless, quick-drying, and non-toxic. 

Going the extra mile, they follow safety protocols and standards to ensure that all jobs are done correctly and thoroughly. The company trains all its technicians to handle any environment, from hospitals, private homes, and even indoor or outdoor playgrounds. Using electrostatic spray technology, their technicians can spray the disinfectant in less time and with better coverage than traditional cleaning methods. Electrostatic sprayers charge the disinfectant as it passes through the sprayer’s nozzle. The generated charged droplets repel one another and actively seek out environmental surfaces, which they can stick to and wrap around to coat all sides.

With a uniform coating on the sprayed areas, including the hard-to-reach edges that manual cleaning can miss, their innovative method is the most efficient way in sterilizing infected surfaces. Moreover, their technology is less wasteful as it helps technicians avoid liquid pooling, which is often associated with regular trigger sprayers. 

Unlike other deep-cleaning service companies, Supreme Sterile puts the customer first and makes it their duty to provide the best service for an even better price. If a client provides proper proof of purchase, they match or present a lower offer than their competitor’s rate. 

Private and commercial sterilization is more than just spraying a disinfectant. The company provides all clients with a Certificate of Sterilization and Proof of Sterilization Document. These certifications confirm that the company disinfected their public and private real estate and vehicles according to the standard. 

COVID-19 has made it apparent how quickly bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can spread, and also how silently. Now, more than ever, each individual understands the importance of sterilization and proper hygiene. 

“Wearing a mask or staying home is not enough if everything we touch is ‘clean’ but not ‘sterile’,” says Supreme Sterile, Corp. founder Emanuel Arias. Everyone can do their part in stopping the spread of the disease by keeping their houses, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces not just clean but as sterile as possible. After all, when it comes to health and safety, there is no room for error. 

Know more about Supreme Sterile, Corp.’s private and commercial sterilization, as well as their service schedules by visiting their website

Zack Ross on Turning His Realty Dreams Into a Reality

When people harness a positive thought, they tap into their hidden power and ultimately manifest their goals. Simply put, affirmations have the ability to transform one’s life for the better. 

As a firsthand witness of the wonders of affirmations, Zack Ross knows how powerful a seemingly innocuous thought can be. From his experience, he realized that the things people think and repeat in their minds could create ripples of changes and become a vessel of self-transformation. 

Looking back, Zack explains that the success he is enjoying today is a product of a childhood dream that he had been carrying in his head and cherishing in his heart. Had he not believed in the magic of faith and hard work, he would not have become the real estate mogul everyone knows him to be. 

Before he got himself in the industry of selling houses, Zack worked as a lab technician in large biotech companies. And by the time he reached twenty-four, he bought a book that piqued his interest in real estate. From then on, he has been buying, fixing, and flipping real estate throughout the cities in Silicon Valley, such as San Jose, San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, and Vallejo.

Just recently, Zack Ross had the privilege of working closely with two notable personalities, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, for over a year to help them build an online course called Home Sharing Management Company (HSMC). And after spending years of exposing himself to the industry, Zack developed the ability to read people using a couple of science-based psychology methods. 

Using his confidence and expertise as fuel, Zack is now finishing his book that teaches tips and tricks on flipping houses and closing real estate contracts. Moreover, the real estate expert also dedicates his time to mentoring students who have gone through Tai Lopez’s real estate course. 

Emboldened by his growth mindset, Zack has been out and about, meeting and collaborating with some of the industry’s most influential people. And despite being considered as a highly accomplished man himself, he still strives to make room for improvement so that he could take his abilities to greater heights. 

With everything that Zack has achieved, it is apparent that people become the stories they tell themselves. Repeatedly telling himself that he would become a successful businessman one day, Zack was finally able to turn his words into a beautiful reality. Reaping the hard-earned fruits of his labor, he reminds everyone that as long as they put their minds and hearts into something, they will make it. 

When people fail to get hold of a lifelong dream, it is not because they lack in terms of talent and skill. Instead, what these people lack is a sense of commitment and confidence. This is the message that Zack wishes to impart. And according to him, the key to success is having a vision and sticking to it no matter how hard things can get. To know more about Zack Ross, you may follow him on Instagram.

3 Shockingly Simple Questions ‘Email Paramedic’ Troy Ericson used saved his mother’s business in less than a month

“My mom was feeling the pressure of being the last small lumber yard & hardware store in South Bend, Indiana. All the retail giants were closing in on the other small businesses in the area. It was getting tough. I had to do something about it.”

Having been in digital marketing for four years despite still being in college, Troy was perfectly ready to take on the large task of saving his mother’s small family business, K-Wood Products, from closing. He was only 22 but had already sold over one million dollars in products & services for his digital marketing clients.

And after we heard that, today, K-Wood Products is thriving… We had to ask Troy what he did to help. Here’s what he said:

“I started off by asking my mom three simple questions, one at a time.

First, I asked what services she was paying for that either really annoyed her or seemed overpriced compared to the value she was getting in return.

I found out that she was paying an outrageous amount for network security, phone services, and web hosting. And over the coming weeks, I found some other companies that charged less while offering some upgraded systems & better service. It saved around $14,000 per year while relieving a lot of headaches.

So then I made her promise that she would re-invest that money. So I asked if there was an area of the business that she felt she was lacking.

She told me one word: Online.

So we took the saved money and put it into a nice new website that I made for her as well as some lead generation strategies and email marketing. Now she’s got new people finding her online every single day. And returning customers come back more often because they get emails reminding them about all the little things that make K-Wood unique.

Lastly, I asked her what her customers get annoyed by.

She told me that her credit card processor was extremely outdated and sometimes customers couldn’t pay how they wanted – which I knew was super annoying. So we scrapped the current one and upgraded to a modern system that a lot of her customers, new & old, actually look forward to using when they come in. Plus, it automatically grabs their email address so we can add them to the list and keep them in the loop.

It’s crazy to hear how much better the environment in the store has gotten. People LOVE stopping in at K-Wood instead of a huge retailer. And overall, business is booming, even during the pandemic.

It also makes me smile to know that these 3 simple questions can save any business who’s going through a tough time right now, especially with Covid. I’m happy to help anyone who asks nicely and has a winning mindset.”
Troy runs a digital marketing & email copywriting agency called Lead Paramedic and can be contacted at or on his site,