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Start-Up Company Rapid Launch Media Is Now on Track to Do Over One Million Dollars in Revenue This Year

The digital era has brought about so much ease in many aspects of our lives. One of these advantages is the opportunity for creators and artists today to showcase their work through different online platforms. This is what start-up company Rapid Launch Media is about.

Born and raised in Chicago, Adamm Miguest, who is known in the entertainment industry by just his first name Adamm, founded the company in April of this year as a TikTok promotion business. He began his work in the industry by showcasing his photo and video skills, shooting content for several of the biggest influencers in the world. He has more recently done projects with some prominent creators on TikTok—a trending video-sharing community. Seeing the advantages of said platform in showcasing creativity from people in all walks of life, Adamm leveraged his relationships and networks within the influencer community, creating an industry aimed at connecting artists with creators that would use their music or other works to make content. Thus, Rapid Launch Media was born. 

The company creates viral trends on TikTok, which incorporate or feature the music of their clients. They also arrange for these trends to be “hyped up” by several prominent influencers to further launch the music to bigger audiences. These influencers feature the songs on their own content, ultimately contributing to the piece going viral. Some of Rapid Launch Media’s successful TikTok campaigns were for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, “LMK” by Lil Xxel, and “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters. These songs have been featured in millions of videos on the platform.

Aside from helping up-and-coming artists gain listeners and a solid following, Adamm has also worked with several major and established artists like Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine, particularly for their song “Trollz,” as well as “Lil Skies,” “Tory Lanez” and many more.

Furthermore, Adamm’s team believes one of its strengths is knowing—more accurately than any other company—what influencers should be paid, which allows them to acquire many more posts for their clients at lower costs. Adamm states, “We get clients more for their money. We average getting double the amount of influencer posts as other companies that do what we do and have even gotten three to four times the amount of posts for our clients than our competition was able to get them.”

The founder also says that Rapid Launch Media is the fastest in the business today. He adds that their influencers have a 24–48 hours turn-around time; therefore, clients who wish to push their music quickly due to a rapidly approaching release date can depend on them. 

Adamm also shares that quite recently, Triller, an entertainment platform and social video community, has been trying to recruit companies and talent managers like him to bring their creators over to their platform. Fortunately, Rapid Launch Media’s business model is flexible and not solely dependent on TikTok; it could work on any other platform, should TikTok be eventually banned or shut down.

The digital media specialist, having amassed over ten years of experience in the industry, wishes to inspire other like-minded individuals to believe in their ideas and how these could be profitable if only they are persistent with producing good results.

Adamm shares that he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur his whole life, knowing that he was not the type of person who could thrive and succeed in a traditional 9–5 job. He attributes this to the fact that his brain works differently than others. “I see the most efficient way to do things and I immediately pivot to improve efficiency and lower costs,” he elaborates. “Whereas, at the other companies I’ve worked for, there are glaring problems and inefficiencies in the way things are done and changing those problems are nearly impossible due to a plethora of slow-moving bureaucracy.” This prompted his mindset from an early age that he wanted to build something for himself.

Rapid Launch Media specializes in creating and identifying trends and campaigns primed to go viral. Adamm is therefore eager to connect with more artists and influencers in the coming years to help get their work and message out into the world. 

To connect with Adamm and Rapid Launch Media, check out their website or his Instagram.

How Team Momentum’s SALES System Is Helping Small Businesses Scale Their Growth

Alexandra Rene entered sales in corporate America with high hopes and glimmering dreams of drool-worthy commissions and rewards—and promptly fell flat on her face. As it turned out, her sales skills were far from perfect; her manager even threatened to fire her because of her performance. After sulking awhile and nursing her hurt feelings, she saw through the cracks of the fixed mindset that everyone else on the team had and realized that that was something she never wanted to have. She wanted a dynamic, efficient, and momentum-powered mindset to help her and others live life on their own terms. Thus, Team Momentum was born.

Alexandra started Team Momentum with the vision to educate, empower, and create opportunity for service-based entrepreneurs so that they can create their own wealth and live a life on their own terms. She personally lives by the principle that anything can be taught, success can be learned, and that the future is most promising for those who want to make a positive impact—which is exactly what she hopes to do with her company.

Her coaching and consulting services are a combination of sales strategies, proprietary technology, and sustainable business systems. She has observed that many other coaches and consultants create solutions for one or two of these facets but not all three. It has been two years since she started her own company, and she has learned that people often do not know what exactly about their business is holding them back from reaching their revenue/business goals. In her program, she has devised a system that helps people to holistically look at their business to make changes in the right MLM facets to get the best results.

Team Momentum’s clients are service-based businesses such as coaching, consultancy, web design, etc., that are struggling to find new clients. Most of the time, these businesses do not have systems built into their business and do not charge enough for their services. In these cases, the business owners themselves have likely not had any sort of formal sales training.

Her solution is called the SALES System. It all starts with a Signature Offer; the team works to create an offer that is compelling and unique. Next is Analyzing the Market. The team looks at who the business is targeting, makes sure it is a viable market, and looks at microniches in the market. Lead Generation is where Team Momentum’s proprietary technology comes in. The company uses cutting-edge technology to generate leads, saving business owners significant time and money. The next step is Enlighten on the Phone—this is where Alexandra teaches entrepreneurs how to facilitate a sales call that provides value. Lastly, the program teaches Scale with Systems. Here, the company teaches business owners how to introduce automation—because being on the phone with clients and prospects all day can get exhausting.

Team Momentum was founded on the belief that sales and business success can be taught and that self-education is essential to overall success and happiness in life.

In the future, Alexandra plans to extend her coaching to cater toward the younger demographic (college age or just out of college) to be able to share everything she personally wishes she knew about business and life before she entered the corporate life. Developing young and ambitious entrepreneurs is a dream of hers that she wants to fulfill through Team Momentum.Read more about Team Momentum on the website.

Business Coach Shermikia Lemon Is Out on a Mission to Empower Women in Business

Women in business continue to face many obstacles in the field that remains to be male-dominated. But this challenge has only spawned a league of successful businesswomen who have made it their mission to give smaller entrepreneurs a leg up in the industry. Shermikia Lemon is an innovator and expert in business development who has set out to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Shermikia is a researcher, learning and development consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker with eight years’ worth of experience consulting for senior-level executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her signature coaching and training programs have taught countless other leaders profitable growth strategies and employee retention strategies, among other things.

Her latest program is Strength in Number$, a comprehensive course for creating, growing, and promoting businesses to their highest potential by helping business owners gain a clear understanding of their prospects’ needs. Strength in Number$ goes over a proven step-by-step process to help pinpoint prospects’ “pain point” so that a business can successfully deliver their offer and generate more revenue. It is the first of its kind to teach online business owners effective ways to grow revenue without losing authenticity. The course is designed for female entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale or pivot their businesses.

She manages her own coaching and training company, Mediation Solutions Group LLC, which helps organizations with employee retention strategies through leadership, productivity, and workplace conflict programs.

She has developed an on-site training program that highly motivates employees to be more productive to increase bottom-line profit. As a coach, she works with clients individually to help them be more productive and reach their personal goals. Shermikia’s success has lent her the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of leaders, CEOs, business managers, and executives to deliver her signature presentation. Her hard work and expertise has been well featured on many podcasts and has been seen in Forsyth Woman Magazine, Stars & Stripes (Europe), and HRMAG. She is a regular trainer for the Women’s Resource Center.

Shermikia is also the host of the Peacefully Profitable Podcast, a weekly conversation on discovering one’s passion and turning it into profit, productively balancing life, and finding peace. As a believer in peace and staying true to one’s life journey, her training and resources are always geared toward improving one’s life both mentally and physically.

Shermikia considers herself a multi-passionate business owner who is on a mission to renew strength in women through innovation and inspiration. She was deemed an “executive coach” by Forbes, “boardroom powerhouse” for IBM, JP Morgan Chase, and Duke Energy, and a creative expert by many of her clients. She is often praised for her calm and composed aura.

At a very young age, she knew that she wanted to run a business and be able to serve and help others along the way. She was motivated and empowered by the idea of building legacy, wealth, and freedom on her own terms. She knew that her unique purpose in life was to build a brand that would help others significantly.

Shermikia is confident in her momentum and sees herself and her brand growing to new heights year by year. She aims to become a household name in the business field—one that is often mentioned for the work that she has done for others. She is looking to grow herself an amazing hand-picked team to help continue her business legacy. She aims to reach more and more people through her podcast and social media.Find out more about Shermikia Lemon on her website.

How Ikaramu Founder Norbert Butare Is Promoting Education Amid a Crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread in Rwanda, the country went into total lockdown. This meant students couldn’t go to school. Norbert Butare, a twenty-one-year-old Rwandan international student, realized the gap in the Rwandan education spectrum. He founded Ikaramu, which gives young writers, bloggers, and future authors a platform to write about their social, political, or economic perspectives in different ways.

The young visionary worked on the Ikaramu for two months before organizing a team of young Rwandans to help him run the platform, making sure it is user-friendly and helpful to all stakeholders. Ikaramu is a direct translation of the word pen from Kinyarwanda language. The internet has become the modern-day pen, and Norbert intends to use it to give youth in Rwanda a voice.

Norbert Butare’s passion for education is one of his strongest qualities. He came to the US in fall of 2018 to finish high school and is currently a sophomore at Florida International University in Miami, taking up international business. When he learned about the threat to education in his homeland, he knew he had to act quickly to help his fellow Rwandan youth get the learning that they deserved. He wanted to build an easily accessible and understandable online resource for young students to contribute to and learn from. Ikaramu gives young Rwandan writers a platform to express their writing creativity, connects peer-to-peer writers in an effort to improve idea sharing, and offers awards to top writers in competitions in the form of prize money, school fees, school materials, and many more.

Rwandan students were quick to contribute to the new platform. The website boasts of a growing repository of English and French think pieces, poems, essays, and stories pertaining to issues affecting the country. The platform has helped the youth make their voices known and showcase their writing ability.

Ikaramu currently hosts its platforms at its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda, and its website. The team behind the platform recently rolled out its Android app and soon will be launching its iOS counterpart to make the platform more accessible and user-friendly to mobile users.

In its upcoming ventures, Ikaramu is also partnering with major Rwandan publishing companies in order to publish some of the Ikaramu contributors. Ikaramu is in the process of creating a writing competition that will offer scholarships and other similar education-oriented awards.

While the platform’s primary audience is Rwandan youth, Norbert also hopes to reach American audiences to help raise awareness about issues in the African continent. Ikaramu is also aiming to tap foreign investors and nonprofit organizations to partner with to further improve the platform. Ikaramu is the only one of its kind in Rwanda that is helping to cultivate the youths’ minds amid academic hurdles brought by the COVID-19 crisis.

Norbert hopes to promote gifted Rwandan authors who do not get the platforms they deserve. He considers them untapped potential that could potentially develop the country.

Ikaramu is aiming to be the biggest private literature hub in Rwanda, with several successful authors building their foundation on the platform.Read what Rwandan youths are discussing on the Ikaramu website.