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I’m Me Pt. 1: Eliot Ness’s New Hip-Hop Album Is Out

Eliot Ness, Houston-based hip-hop artist, is back. The talent from Hustlaz On Tha Block Entertainment recently dropped his 2020 album last March 17. Featuring his new single and previous single releases, the album’s impressive tracklist is a testament to Eliot Ness’s talent and skill in his craft.

Hailing from Houston, the city known for its unique approach to hip-hop music, Eliot Ness is a self-made recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur. With numerous mixtapes under his belt, Eliot Ness has effectively and skillfully blended the styles of his hometown with his personal stories, struggles, and triumphs. 

His passion for hip-hop and authentic sound led him to work with some of the industry’s heavyweights, such as Paul Wall, Willie D, Daz Dillinger, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Luenell, and more. He was also invited to feature on mixtape projects with Wyclef Jean and Lil Jon. The impressive discography quickly got him the attention of music media giants MTV and VH1, who featured his works on their platforms.

Being a Houston native, music surrounded Eliot Ness growing up. He grew up as the younger brother of one of the most well-known and lauded female MCs in the world of rap. Eliot Ness’s older sister is known as The Lady of Rage of Tha Dogg Pound. Eliot watched his older sister dominate as a female artist. Growing up around her inspired a strong work ethic in Eliot to strive through adversity and make his dreams come true no matter what.

His experience as The Lady of Rage’s younger brother and his childhood in Houston has helped him create an authentic hip-hop sound personal to him. With the ever-changing times, Eliot Ness strives to deliver a sound that reflects the hip-hop he grew up with.

In an exclusive interview with Skilly Magazine Online, Eliot said, “The craft of hip-hop as we know it is being slowly stripped away and turned into a circus. A perfect example would be wrestling back in the day. Today, it is a Hollywood script. This is what hip-hop is becoming. We see it daily on reality TV.”

Determined to create music true to the hip-hop genre, Eliot has been working hard to release his new album entitled I’m Me Pt. 1. The album contains a new single entitled “Mary Jane,” which features Luenell, Devin The Dude, Yung Redd, and Tony Mack and was produced by Bruce Bang. Along with his new single, the album also contains previous releases such as “Small Time GMix,” featuring Scarface, Willie D, Daz Dillinger, and produced by Worm, and “Fast Lane” featuring Hogg Booma, produced by Bruce Bang. Eliot’s new sound has left hip-hop enthusiasts giddy for a Pt. 2 album. 

Eliot Ness prides himself in his unique music, which reflects his everyday reality, the people he grew up with, and those in his present environment. Aside from hustling to expand the hip-hop scene, Eliot Ness has also been working to raise health awareness in struggling communities. His advocacy is primarily centered on congenital heart disease and lupus.To stay updated on Eliot Ness and his music, more information and links to his social media handles are available on his online profile.

Taking a Leap of Faith in Life and Overcoming Fears with Layla Al-Otaibi

As a 22-year-old mother and entrepreneur, Layla Al-Otaibi has seen the different sides that life has to offer. She has learned a lot from experiencing the highs and the lows of her journey, and she continues to gain a deeper understanding of life. But one thing is clear for this young entrepreneur, her mission in life is to make a change in the world, and she plans to do this in an effortless way of relating to people.  

For Layla, some people are consumed with the idea of becoming financially wealthy without genuinely understanding their purpose in life. Most of these people are lost in life and have no idea as to how they can find themselves and their destiny. They need understanding and proper guidance. 

Through her books, Layla expresses her views about life from different vantage points. She takes into account the realities of those who have it made in life and those who are barely making it through. She has published several books that look into different aspects of reality. 

For her book Testimony: How It All Began, she looks into the struggles of children growing up in a life surrounded by drugs, murder, and sin. She takes her readers into the journey of a young woman struggling with the challenges that life has thrown at her. In the end, the story confronts the decisions that the protagonist takes whether to stay in darkness or to find life’s light.  

Her latest book, Finding Love Ain’t Easy, is based on true-to-life events. The book takes readers into a spin in two opposite worlds, the world of those who are fortunate in life and those who get the raw end of the deal. Layla takes her readers into the tough decisions that the characters make and whether or not they will fall into life’s trap or rise above it. 

Layla is in the process of turning her books into films. With this brave endeavor, she hopes to deliver an important message to everyone who is going through a tough time in life. She wants to help them realize that they are not alone in their struggles. 

The author-entrepreneur seeks to share the life lessons that schools do not teach its students. From achieving financial gain and independence to overcoming fears and taking a leap of faith, Layla strives to help others in tackling these challenges. She acknowledges that many aspiring entrepreneurs are controlled by their fears. As a result, they refuse to take the necessary leap of faith that life requires. 

Layla hopes to teach the younger generation how to overcome fear effectively. Fear is an obstacle that can hinder a person from achieving success. With that, she seeks to relate to others and serve as their guide in attaining their goals and aspirations in life. By simply understanding other people and helping them believe in themselves and their value, Layla believes that these people can truly achieve what they manifest. 

To know more about Layla Al-Otaibi and her works, check out her profile here.

Jowy Cenat Shows the World How Passion Can Turn into Profit

Social media helps people stay connected and updated with daily happenings, especially during the pandemic, where physical distancing is required. Aside from keeping in touch, people can find ways to monetize their social media accounts, based on an idea or passion that they may have. Monetizing accounts may be daunting and discouraging for some, especially comparing engagements from more prominent and more established accounts.

Jowy Cenat, too, has felt that familiar hesitance before. However, his passion for having creative freedom and creating content pushed him forward. Now, Jowy plays the piano and can convert his social media accounts to a monetizable platform, even with under ten thousand followers.

Going through four years of college, Jowy brainstormed a fundamental guide on how to grow a social media presence with 0 followers. Jowy was born in Queens, New York, having a Caribbean-Haitian descent. He grew up poor and started with nothing. Not easily defeated, Jowy decided to start smart and used his wits to navigate his life around.

Years of Jowy’s life were spent investing in learning how to do these two simple things: developing a passion and learning how to record himself doing said passion craftily. In 2013, Jowy started his journey, even when he was just twelve years old. Jowy recorded himself reviewing any electronics around his house and posted them online.

Eventually, Jowy earned himself affiliate commissions and collected $2.90, jumpstarting his passion for video influencing. As a teenager, making $2.90 for recording and making videos on YouTube was a breakthrough. Within a few weeks, Jowy was earning $61 every two to three weeks on the internet, and since then, he never looked back.

In college, Jowy is still using the same principles in making money online through videos. Though a few years have passed and techniques may change, the principles of monetization are still the same and never-changing. It led Jowy to publish his first book on monetizing videos, called “Video Influencer Authority,” which is a guide on how to use the power of video to become a micro-influencer.

Through the book, Jowy can guide people to follow his ways and monetize their passion through making online videos. Jowy offers a free one-hour training webinar for the people who get a free copy of the book. The book is packed with knowledge, filled with tips and strategies. Many testimonials of people have said they learned and took action on all of the tips in the book.

Jowy’s journey pointed him to getting into diverse avenues to pursue his passions, such as becoming a videographer and creating beautiful cinematic videos for clients.

Aside from being a content creator, Jowy is certified in mental health first aid; he is a huge advocate for mental health in minority communities because the lack of mental health awareness affected him in his undergraduate years of college. Jowy graduated from Stockton University with a major in pre-occupational therapy with a dual minor in holistic health and public health.

In every endeavor he takes, Jowy’s goal is to help and inspire others to pursue their dreams and create a community filled with compassion and greatness.

Take a peek into Jowy’s personal website and connect with him on LinkedIn.

CEO Jay Vinson: Turning Pain into Purpose

Founder and CEO of JJV Enterprises, Jay Vinson, has been through the ups and downs of life. For him, his previous trials and tribulation molded him to become the excellent entrepreneur that he is today.

Jay Vinson was born on October 4, 1990, in Alabama. Currently, he resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, pursuing his many interests and business ventures. Vinson discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the early age of 15. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Vinson is also an author, educator, transformation life coach, faith-based leader, and public speaker.

The young bachelor is also the founder of Jay Vinson Ministries Inc. Vinson has served in the ministry for many years. Today, through his many avenues, Vinson wants to inspire the younger generation and discover their real purpose in life. As a transformation coach, Vinson believes that people who do not know what they are meant to do lack motivation. But those who can unlock knowledge within themselves lead a fulfilled and happy life. 

Jay Vinson’s book, Pain to Purpose, is a testament to how strong of a survivor he is. Vinson went through the pain of losing four of his most-treasured loved ones. He lacked the focus to excel in school because of his circumstances. Vinson barely got the credentials good enough to let him graduate high school. 

Despite his adversities, Vinson earned an undergraduate degree from Auburn University. Later on, he obtained his master’s degree from the University of West Georgia. Vinson turned his life around through hardwork and success. He had a clear goal and a vision for success. 

Vinson was featured on Praise 102.5, Atlanta’s inspiration radio station, because his book gained praise and acclaim from its readers. Vinson also had the opportunity to work in the production industry under some major networks like NBC, Universal Comcast Sports Southeast, Georgia Dome Productions, Atlanta Braves, and Auburn University Athletics. 

As CEO of JJV Enterprises, Vinson uses his influence to empower young individuals and families by strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. He also gives his clients the tools they need to change and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Vinson’s process is primarily built on helping a person find their true purpose.

Vinson’s one-on-one coaching has changed the lives of many people. He touches health, wellness, and spiritual areas of a person’s consciousness. As a former athlete, Vinson believes that if people want to reveal the best version of themselves, they should be prepared to embrace the pain. “Change the way you think for you to become all that you want to be,” said Jay Vinson.

Through his book, Vinson envisions to reach and influence more people by putting together book tours, conferences, and global events. 

Vinson transformed his life of adversity to be enduring through the pain. He is a man who turned his pain into lessons. As he got older, Vinson realized that everyone wants to be successful. They just needed a bit of a kickstart to get motivated in achieving the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 

Learn more about Jay Vinson through his website and Instagram.

Introducing Its Ibby: The Rapper Who Merged Two Opposite Ends of the World

Its Ibby is treating the global rap scene with his fresh take on the genre. The talented artist grew up in both Texas and Abu Dhabi. Its Ibby saw the diverse qualities of both cities he considers his home and aims to portray them through his music and visual art. Truly, it can be very challenging because the two places don’t have many similarities. But Its Ibby’s music aims to bridge the gap between the sides.

His vision to represent his cities in his art sets him apart from other artists. There are many aspiring rappers today, but none of them serve the same purpose that Its Ibby is trying to fulfill. 

Its Ibby’s music makes both Texas and Abu Dhabi proud. He surpasses expectations by delivering his tracks in a unique flow. While other artists find it difficult to find their sound, Its Ibby built his distinctness effortlessly. Music always comes naturally for the amazing rapper. It was something that brought him happiness from the very beginning.

Many artists enter the music industry in hopes to achieve the fame and fortune that come with the career. But Its Ibby genuinely does it out of his love for the art. He does not care so much about the money he could earn. Its Ibby simply does it because of his passion for music. In turn, because of his rawness, audiences from all over the world are captivated by Its Ibby. Hearing the rapper vocalize alone is enough to get his listeners hooked.

He is currently residing in Florida but constantly collaborates with other artists in Atlanta, Georgia. Although his career is based in the United States, the rapper has attracted a substantial number of fans all around the world. Among his huge fan bases are his admirers from Germany.

Seeing how his fans adore and patronize his tracks motivates Its Ibby to better his craft. For the artist, it is a humbling experience whenever he can connect with his fans. Its Ibby maximizes the benefits of his social media platform to reach his global followers. The countless praise and acclaim for his music made his passion grow even deeper over the years.

Today, Its Ibby is working on the music video of his hit single, “Hol’ On Wait,” shot by the iconic 4EZ. The video will soon reach fans and captivate audiences everywhere. Working with big names in the industry is nothing new to Its Ibby. He has previously worked on major projects with multi platinum producers such as Trellgato and Brackz.

On top of being a world-class rapper, Its Ibby also excels in his career outside of the music industry. He is a holder of a bachelor of science degree in industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering from Texas Tech University. With his degree, Its Ibby earned a job that supplements his dreams in music.

The rapper believes that education is one of the strongest foundations any person can have. He encourages young musicians to stay in school to gain a comprehensive background in many aspects of life. With the knowledge from school, Ibby believes that anyone can achieve huge milestones.

Its Ibby continues to explore his talents through the many career opportunities given his way. He is determined to succeed. With his undeniable talent, there’s no doubt that Its Ibby will be the next rap legend who will invade music platforms and own billboard charts around the world.

Stay updated with Its Ibby’s journey through his Instagram account @_itsibby_.

E-Commerce Expert Nestor Castro Shares His Journey Towards Success

It took years for Nestor Castro to find his true calling in the e-commerce industry. Similar to many success stories that have been told and retold from person to person, there are inevitable reroutes and hurdles before finally achieving a triumphant finish. It required Castro several sacrifices and risks to emerge as one of the leading e-commerce experts in the market.

Castro served in the US Army for a year. Stationed at a war zone in Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan, he became witness to the horrors of war and the bothersome conflict between nations that could potentially take away lives. For twelve months, Castro carried out his duties with his comrades in the name of service to their country and its citizens. Completing his responsibilities, he went home to the country, only finding himself struggling to adjust in the new conditions that the civilian life offered.

He went on to work as a police officer for five years. It was then easy for Castro to perform his job, having backgrounds on discipline and alertness in extreme predicaments. Even so, the life inside law enforcement did not fulfill the ambition he had for himself – his love for self-independence and traveling, triggering him to take a risk that would later become key to his eventual success. Castro always had the aptitude in leadership and entrepreneurship, using these skills, he abandoned the life of working under a superior and started venturing to the business industry.

E-commerce, while a relatively new field in business, is a potent form of trade that has transformed many company’s average profit to large ones. Castro understood this potential, and so, he used the power of the internet to start his business that now earns six figures. Sharing the expertise and experience he accumulated over the years, Castro, with two others, founded Dropship Tribe. 

The company provides comprehensive consultations for clients who want to start a dropshipping business. They provide business models and regularly updated knowledge about the market that would ensure a prosperous and sustainable dropshipping venture. The rise of the Internet allowed dropshipping to make its way to the business world. With more and more people turning online, goods and services are now also traded in cyberspace. 

A dropshipping company assists suppliers by marketing their products – when a buyer orders something, the request gets forwarded to the supplier, and they will take care of shipping altogether.

The system is easy to understand, but starting it is a problem. Dropship Tribe allows its clients to make solicited decisions based on the team’s analysis of the trends and the market. With over 30 years of experience in the field, experts at the Dropship Tribe have helped many dropshipping businesses to prosper. Working with the team, Castro values taking risks and learning from experience. 

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Castro prides himself on being a supportive father to his daughter Ava. He integrates the principles he employs in his business to his responsibilities as a father. Like how he changes the lives of his clients, Castro strives to become an influence on his daughter.

Nestor Castro’s present success as an entrepreneur depended mainly on his motivation to find a bigger purpose for his life. With Dropship Tribe, Castro cultivates a space for budding entrepreneurs to start businesses that would change their lives.
For more information about Dropship Tribe, visit its website. Follow the group on Facebook and email and for questions.

Voiceveray: Sharing Stories and Music Through Voices Choices Studios

Music is considered to be a universal language, mainly because it goes beyond the limits of any race, culture, and even religion. It is more than just a way of expression; it also amplifies one’s thoughts and critical emotions like grief, joy, anger, and even fear. 

For Voiceveray, music is a way of expressing his praise and devotion to God. He found his mission by being a Gospel Musician, and he has been part of the music industry for years now.

Life was not always easy for Voiceveray. Something terrible and unexpected happened, which he considered as the lowest point in his life. He experienced this terrible bind when he got into a car accident way back in 2016. The misfortune resulted in him losing his car and his job. He had to look for another way to gain some income to make ends meet. 

Through this, he found his relationship with God. When he felt like he didn’t have anyone or anything to turn to, he turned to prayers. It helped him come to terms with his talents, which he considered as a calling from the higher being. 

The musician eventually grew into this connection and practiced repentance, fasting, worship, and many more spiritual breakthroughs that shaped him into the man he is today. He firmly believes that God has transformed him into an improved person. He became better after that and eventually started picking himself up. 

Voiceveray became a very versatile artist as he immersed himself in different genres of sound. He dedicated his time to making music and releasing some Christian songs in 2018. Later that year, he invested in a studio and became a CEO for his own company. 

2020 he further established Voices Choices Studios to gather and support musicians who are committed to glorifying and praising the highest God. It’s a way of sharing a person’s experiences, testimonies, and revelations through music. Everyone’s relationship with religion is personal, complex, and unique. Even those who are most at peace with themselves and their faith have carried a burden. And some already came out of the other side better. That’s what Voiceveray and his team hope to share with the world.

Voiceveray works as an Audio Engineer in his own company to extend his help in improving his client’s music. He continues publishing music that is available on all music streaming platforms at the same time. He is a verified musician on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

The firm, like the founder, does not limit to any genre of music and instead delivers premium quality Gospel Rap, R&B, Christian Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, and Alternative. They exclusively work with artists who offer Gospel, Christian, non-explicit, and non-secular music.

Clients can send their track stems through an email and have them mixed and mastered professionally. They can also purchase clothing merchandise to cater to the musician’s stylish needs. 

Voices Choices Studios focuses on taking clients’ career beyond measures and simultaneously influencing a million other audiences to be spiritually touched. 
More information is available on their website. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates. Check out his YouTube channel for the latest on Voiceveray.