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The Real Reason of the Divorce, Angelina Jolie Admits: I Divorced Brad Pitt for “Well Being” of My Kids

Angelina Jolie – Everybody is a fan of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and we are so sad with the divorce. The saddening and shocking news had stirred noises in social media as well.  But now the actress has come out and opened up this romantic wound via a VERY revealing interview with Vogue India.

The ‘Maleficent’ star have broken her silence as she already expressed her real reasons on why she had decided to cut her ties and start her new life with her kids. Jolie offered up perhaps her most candid assessment to date of the couple’s 2016 split, telling the outlet that the decision to separate after two years was done with “the wellbeing” of their six children in mind. Moreover, her decision was praised by women who has the same situation as hers, making her the epitome of her act of bravery. 

“I separated for the well-being of my family,” the 45-year old stated simply, elaborating as follows:

“It was the right decision. 

“I continue to focus on their healing. 

“Some have taken advantage of my silence, and the children see lies about themselves in the media, but I remind them that they know their own truth and their own minds.”

Way back Jolie filed for divorce, countless rumors ran rampant around the Internet of Pitt possibly having a drinking, drug and/or anger problem. The actor allegedly got involved in an altercation with Maddox on board a private jet not long before Jolie decided to officially end the relationship, with the FBI even investigating this claim but no charges was brought to Pitt. 

With her exclusive interview, she constantly talked about the welfare of her skills, Jolie told Vogue how she raised her adopted children — Maddox, Pax and Zahara — and embraced their different backgrounds in the process.

“Each is a beautiful way of becoming family. What is important is to speak with openness about all of it and to share,” she said.

“‘Adoption’ and ‘orphanage’ are positive words in our home.

“With my adopted children, I can’t speak of pregnancy, but I speak with much detail and love about the journey to find them and what it was like to look in their eyes for the first time.”

Jolie and Pitt have only uttered the occasional remark about the other since their divorce. Last year, for instance, Jolie told Harper’s Bazaar that she would “love to live abroad, but “I’m having to base [them] where their father chooses to live,” taking a slight jab at her ex.

“All adopted children come with a beautiful mystery of a world that is meeting yours,” Jolie continued in this new interview.

“When they are from another race and foreign land, that mystery, that gift, is so full. For them, they must never lose touch with where they came from.

“They have roots that you do not. Honor them. Learn from them.”

For his part, Pitt has confessed to drinking way too much back in the day. He hasn’t directly discussed his ex-wife in a long time. Jolie, meanwhile, really tried to focus in this case on her sons and daughters and what it’s been like to raise this kind of unique family.

“It’s the most amazing journey to share. They are not entering your world, you are entering each other’s worlds,” she said, concluding:

“I did originally think not to adopt from Vietnam because Mad was Cambodian and the two countries have a complex history.

“Then I was reading a book on human rights and found myself staring at an image of a Vietnamese fighter held captive by Americans.

“I thought of my own country and our involvement in south-east Asia.

“I thought of focusing on a future where we were all family. I am very blessed to have been allowed to be their mom. I am grateful every day.”

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