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The Advantages of Time Tracking in Freelancing

Budgetary issues are very common among all types of business and profession, and that includes the freelancing. Questions will circulate your mind if you’re doing the right thing or you’re just wasting time. You may also question if you’re getting paid accordingly. Before technology came, business owners are having a hard time to track their employees if they’re being productive or the latter. But thanks to technological advancements, everything  can be grasped in just for a swipe. 

No fret, there’s a practical solution that can answer all of these questions.

Luckily, time tracking can help you identify budgetary issues, nurture quality and solve your dilemmas in making your design consistently from scratch to diamond.  Essentially, time tracking represents the measurement and documenting of the hours worked. With this initiative, you can keep up with your problems.

What is all about?

Time indicator is not just about measuring numbers. The length of work hours and the breaks you take are also an indicator of your efficiency and productivity. And true enough, allocating too much time on a project indicates the lack of knowledge regarding a specific topic to missing resources necessary to complete a task, not having the right skills or left no choice but to finish the project.

Likewise, the thought of time tracking can be creepy and people will be hesitant when it comes to having their time measured. They will feel like their privacy is opened like a book and they have no choice but to play like a robot to get uncaught. 

On the brighter side, being aware your time is being documented will make more motivated to accomplish things on time. Hence, you’ll be able to track your progress and growth and use it as a baseline to improve your output. 

Time tracking and project management software

Time tracking can be a helpful feature for project management platforms. As the boss on your own, you can track the working hours as well as the budget and remaining hours. This tool will help you accomplish outputs on time.  The accessibility of these time tracking apps and software will save your energy and time to overlook the outputs of your workers or clients. With this notion, it would be both convenient for you as well as the employee you manage.

Also, a time tracker will help you detect and identify unimportant and irrelevant activities and this can assist you in replacing the productive ones. If you look on the deeper side, this tool is also beneficial for the clients. 

  • Timesheets

If you want to be more manual about it, timesheet will keep track of time spent on each project and organize the entire workflow. It doesn’t require internet; all you need to have is a pen and a phone. Writing down worked hours will keep you abreast of the time management and accountability. However, paper can be misplaced easily and your time logs can be gone by the wind in just a snap. 

If you prefer to be digital, you can resort for online timesheets that you can easily edit and filter. Using the tool will save you from losing the data as long as you have the backup.

  • Mobile apps

Good thing for business nowadays, they become more dynamic. Adapting the trend such as mobile apps will bring you closer to the client needs and the accessibility of your service is just a swipe away of their fingers. There are many time tracking apps for businesses and project management tools come with their own mobile apps to help you stay on track wherever you are. The app will allow you to save any changes and customization you make while working offline so that no data will be lost.

Are you convinced?

Time tracking is a piece of cake if you know how to do it. This will greatly improve your project management your understanding of how budget your time and increase efficiency and productivity level of your workflows. Break the tradition and indulge more in the accessibility of the advancement. It’ the perfect timing to take a leap and changing to a single project management platform to supervise your creative projects, clients, tasks, time reports and invoices in one tool. 

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